There’s No Place Like Home

Everyone’s journey is different. There’s no right or wrong options in life. Life isn’t a game nobody wins.

I’m 22 I don’t know what the meaning of life is or what my purpose is.

I’m trying my best just to follow my heart and do what makes me happy. I share my life and my experiences on my open online diary with no filter in hope to make maybe one person feel less alone.

I’ve figured with most things it’s better to try rather than to never try at all.

I have loved being in Scotland. I have learned so much about myself, what I’m capable of. I’ve learned how I can survive by myself.

I feel that in the time I have spent here I’ve proven to myself that I can do this thing called life all alone and deal with everything that comes with it very well.

Not pursuing the things I love and being around the people that matter the most to me isn’t something I want to trade in for living in a beautiful city and having a good job. There’s more to life than that. I’m not going to settle for good enough.

I feel like I’ve gotten this amazing experience and it has taught me about what makes me happy and what I need from life. I now know what kind of lifestyle I want and the steps I can take to go after that.

I’m going to continue chasing after what makes me happy even if it doesn’t make sense to many people. It doesn’t have to, it only has to make sense to me. I’ve taken everything I could have possibly gotten from my time here and now it’s time to go home. I’m so glad I did come to Scotland and try to see what life can be like here. I wouldn’t mind moving back in the future but I would definitely need the lifestyle I want first. So I’m moving back to Ireland. After all there is no place like home.

-Bri xo

Things You HAVE To Do In Edinburgh

Princes Street is the Oxford Street of Edinburgh. You can’t miss it. It has all the high street shops and brands you’d expect. What I seem to have missed on my first few visits to Edinburgh for some bizarre reason is Princes Street Gardens.

Now that I work close by to Princes Street I absolutely can’t get enough its like a peaceful little safe haven in the middle of a busy city. (It actually used to be a big lake where people would throw their chamber pot contents and drown witches but now its a gorgeous park.) You also get such a fab view of Edinburgh castle from below.

George Street just parallel to Princes Street. A more upscale shopping and dining street. Laura Ashley, L.K. Bennett, Jo Malone, Mint Velvet and many more brands alike can be found here.

Edinburgh Castle. The most obvious place to go when in Edinburgh. If you’re in the city centre of Edinburgh you literally cannot miss it. If you’re a fan of history or Mary Queen of Scots or both, go here. The architecture is also very cool and Edinburgh Castle holds a collection of the crown jewels which are available for public viewing. Edinburgh Castle is very much a tourist location which is well worth a visit you get amazing views of the cityscape from inside the castle walls.

Holyrood Palace is where the current Queen Elizabeth II resides when she visits Edinburgh. It is at the opposite end of the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle. Mary Queen of Scotts also lived here and her bedroom is well preserved. I preferred the tour of Holyrood palace more from a historical point of view as everything was well preserved and there were more artefacts to see. I also loved seeing the interior decor in the palace contrast from Mary Queen of Scots time to present day Queen Elizabeth II. Mary Queen of Scots had fab wallpaper and a bed fit for a QUEEN that’s for sure.

The Witchery is a restaurant at the foot of Edinburgh Castle which has such cosy interiors and fantastic fine dining. It’s definitely recommended to reserve a table in advance. I honestly cannot write words to justify how amazing this place is if you like high quality dining experiences. Leonardo DiCaprio went there so naturally I went there also. The food is so decadent I loved it.

Camera Obscura is a world of illusions. It’s a fun thing to do for a day out and you’re sure to get some cool photos from it. It would be ideal to go with your friends or family. My friends have been I however have not as any time I pass the queue is far too long and if you know me I absolutely HATE waiting in lines.

A walk in The Meadows. I live quite close to The Meadows currently and when I do go towards Prince’s Street or more central places on my day off I would walk through it unless I’m getting the bus. In the summer when the weather is nice, its always fun to meet a few people and chill out with a speaker and a few cans. Or in my case go alone to The Meadows on my day off because no one else is around so I sit there reading for 45 minutes and leave because I can’t handle the heat.

Go visit the legendary Greyfriars Bobby. (I had no idea what this was until I saw it and my friend explained it to me, so I took a photo. I have since forgotten the legend of Greyfriars Bobby but I still have photos.)

The Royal Mile runs through Edinburgh’s Old Town, connecting the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, perched high on a base of volcanic rock, with the splendorous Palace of Holyrood house, resting in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat.

Marys Kings Close is an underground tour that takes you through old streets and homes of Edinburgh. I went on the tour with my dad and we both really enjoyed it as we saw how people used to live in the Mary Queen of Scots era.

Take a Scottish Whisky Tour! You get to learn about Scottish whiskey and drink some too! There is one right next to Edinburgh Castle, I went to a different one which I’m sure was similar.

Take a tour of the Highlands, Glencoe, Loch Ness and Fort William. On my first trip to Edinburgh my mom and I went on a day tour with Hairy Coo Highland Tours. It was January and everything was so picturesque with the snow falling and covering the Highland hills. The tour also included a stop at Deanston Whiskey Distillery where we learned how whisky is made and stored and then got a few drams on the way out.

St. Giles Cathedral a nice place to look at some old architecture. Also Rosslyn Chapel which featured in The Da Vinci Code movie.

National Museum of Scotland. A very large collection of the most random objects. I enjoyed the fashion throughout the ages section.

National Art Gallery is one of my favourite places to wander into especially if I’m alone and have time to kill. There are so many beautiful paintings but my favourite is Rembrandts self portrait.

Dean Village is a tiny little village by the city centre and is very cute and instagram worthy.

Armchair bookstore is just a really crammed bookstore that makes me feel like Belle from beauty and the beast tbh. Smells like old books which is nice if you’re into that.

Hive. Where do I begin. Hive is a nightclub in Edinburgh frequently visited by students but welcome all sorts of humans. I have been here many times. I have never had a bad time. I’ve almost gotten kicked out for mistaking one of the rooms as an indoor smoking area once (but still a good time). You can get drinks for as low as 1 pound. They play all the cheesy hits from ABBA to Scouting for Girls. I somehow recall “Under The Sea” by Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid playing at 3am it was magical. After Hive closes and people pile onto the street you’re sure to make new friends with strangers just striking up a drunken conversation or simply saying “Hi my name is…”. The best friends are made on nights out.

Arthurs Seat. Scenes on toast. Amazing views from the top of this extinct volcano.

Calton Hill. Another scenic view point in Edinburgh.

Water of Leith walkway if you have a few hours to spare. Take a scenic walk from Edinburgh City Centre by Dean Village to Leith Docks.

There’s so many more amazing things to do in Edinburgh. If you’re around in August it’s the busiest time of the year with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival going on which attracts flocks of tourists. I personally enjoy going places off peak tourist season to avoid waiting in long lines at tourist attractions. Hope this gives you some ideas for what to do with your time in Edinburgh 🙌❤️

-Bri xo

‘Adulting’ is BS

Something that has been installed in me since I was young is the whole concept of being an adult and doing adult things and being a grown up.

When you’re younger you form a mental image of what being an adult consists of based on everything you’ve learned about adults throughout your life.

My idea of an adult was a list of qualities I believed you had to possess in order to be an adult.

How to be an Adult :

  1. Have a full time job
  2. Not live with your parents
  3. Be over the age of 18
  4. Pay bills for yourself like taxes and rent
  5. Be self sufficient
  6. Be able to meet up with your friends for drinks on a weekday
  7. Drive a car
  8. Travel alone
  9. Be able to look after yourself like doing laundry, making your own appointments and cooking
  10. Save money

Thats honestly what I thought it took to be an adult.

Im turning 22 this month and I am perplexed at the way things have turned out. I have ticked off all of the items on my ‘Adult list’ and do not feel in anyway ‘adult’ enough. I feel like asking some other successful more adult adults what’s next? Or is this really all there is to it? I can do all of these things on my list and have done all of those things but I do not feel like an adult.

Is this all it takes to be a grown up? Accomplish these things and hold yourself to some level of maturity and responsibility?

I still feel like a 16 year old which is where the cliche of “you’re only as old as you feel” comes in. I feel like it was just yesterday I was on my summer holidays from school all excited about going to Longitude (a music festival) and all of a sudden I have blinked and I’m working 40+ hours a week and wearing a black pant suit.

It’s as if time has moved so fast I’ve gone through all of the motions of becoming what I thought was an adult life yet feel just the same as I did at 16.

I don’t think this is a bad thing. I think you really are as old as you feel. Doing the adult things are a part of growing up and becoming self sufficient but that doesn’t mean by becoming an adult you’ll have everything figured out. The truth is I don’t think any one has it all figured out. We’re all just doing our best to do what we think is right.

The verb to adult is to behave in a way characteristic of a responsible individual, especially by accomplishing mundane but necessary tasks. I’ve realised this whole concept of ‘Adulting’ is bull shit. You’re never really an adult you just assume more responsibility over yourself in life which people have no other word to describe that but by using the term ‘adult’.

Adulting is BS you assume whatever level of self sufficiency and responsibility you want to take up in life. You’re not an adult if you can check off everything on a list that you think makes an adult. You’re only an adult if you feel like one. I think I’ll choose to stay feeling like a 16 year old with a decent amount of self sufficiency.

A definition of an adult is an individual that is fully grown or developed. No one is fully grown or developed we’re learning new things all the time and constantly changing so why would anyone want to be an adult anyway?

Moving To Scotland

The first time I ever came to Scotland was January 2017. I went on a little trip with my mom and it was magical. We went to Edinburgh it was just after Christmas, it was still snowy. I immediately fell in love with the place and just knew I wanted to live here.

Coincidently I made a friend called Hamish who was from Limerick my home town but now lived in Edinburgh for University. Over the next few years I’d visit countless times as I had a friend to stay with. I think I visited Edinburgh at least 2/3 times a year. Every time I was just as sure that this is where I wanted to live.

Things seemed to align to the point where I had absolutely no commitments or anything stopping me from moving so that was it I booked a one way Ryanair flight from Dublin to Edinburgh.

I saved very little money which in hindsight I wish I had saved more. Luckily Hamish’s roommate was gone for the summer so the room was free to rent. I had enough for a few weeks rent, I didn’t know how any of the move was going to go. I printed off 29 CV’s. I didn’t have a going away party because I told everyone “I could be back in 2 weeks if I don’t find a job”. I literally came to Edinburgh with 2 weeks worth of rent and a bunch of CV’s hoping for the best. If it didn’t work out it’s grand I could just hop on a Ryanair flight home with a sense of at least I tried.

I had been in Scotland a week and I had about 5 possible job opportunities, 3 reception jobs, 1 bar and 1 makeup counter. Naturally I went with the job that paid the most, with the best hours and I liked the most.

I didn’t take into account that I would only be paid monthly so it has been a bit of a struggle financially because I should have saved more but I am surviving. Asda branded food has been my life saver this past month.

Its only been a month but there are pro’s and con’s:

I do miss my family and friends a lot. I miss my car and my beautiful house.

I however love Scotland, love being independent and totally reliant on myself. I love how much there is to do here. I love how I don’t see everyone I’ve ever met while walking down the street. I love my new job.

I’m torn constantly between the comforts and love of home and the new and exciting parts of being in Edinburgh.

I have applied to do an Interior Design course starting in September back home and I am seriously in two minds about it. I don’t know if I want to go back home and pursue that or stay here.

I love my job but I don’t think it would be fulfilling enough for the rest of my life. I love Scotland and Edinburgh and I do want to be here and have a home here. At the moment everything is so conflicting. I don’t want to make a decision just yet but I also hate not having a plan because then it feels like I’m just floating about not doing anything worthwhile.

I have really bad anxiety when it comes to thinking about the future and what my next step is because i can’t stand uncertainty. I would usually rely on my parents and friends wisdom for these things but I’m not at home so I haven’t been able to get proper comfort or advice. I’ve been doing a lot of meditation, reading affirmations, keeping myself busy (which isn’t hard when you have a new full time job) to distract myself but I am finding it difficult everyday trying to decide what the best thing to do is when September comes around. I overthink and analyse everything.

Will I stay in the place I love with a great job away from family and home? Or will I go home to family, and things I also love and pursue other dreams and then come back to Scotland after? I have no idea.

Thankfully I’m just one of many people on this planet that haven’t a clue what to do with their lives at present. I just have to keep on moving forward until the answer eventually comes to me.

Until then I will be doing my very best to enjoy the moment!

– Bri x

The Easiest Way to Book a Holiday

Hey guys so I often get seriously puzzled by the methods some people use for booking a holiday. I’m such an organised person when it comes to this I thought I’d share some tips! This method works for island hopping or multiple destination trips but can also be used for just one stop holidays.

1. Decide when and for how long.

2. Make sure you have the time off work or are free from other commitments.

3. The best part is this: Decide where you want to go

4. Then decide where exactly – such as if you went to Greece would you be going to Athens, Santorini and Mykonos or all of those places?

5. Decide how long you’re gonna spend at the location/s 

6. Assuming you are going to fly to your destination- Book the flights -use to find the cheapest and fastest flight. Skyscanner compares a multitude of airlines and websites to find you the best deals available. I have used it 5 times now and never had any trouble!

Once you know where you’re going or want to go a simple google search will tell you where the nearest airport is. Then you can find an airport conveniently close to you to get you close to your destination.

7. If the nearest airport to your destination is far away still you may need a connecting flight- you can always book more flights or buses or boats- find out the easiest cheapest most convenient way to get to your next location. Write all the options down on a piece of paper with the prices next to them and the journey time including if it has stops or not. An example of this would be if you fly into Paris Beauvais you are still an hour and a bit away from the city of Paris and need to get a bus in order to get to the city.

8. Now find a place to stay! Accommodation I always find so easy to book- Airbnb, and Priceline are my go-to sites. Always look at the location of the accommodation on the map, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a nice apartment that’s in the mountains but still boasts a “sea view” when you thought you could walk to the beach not drive there! Also always look at peoples reviews. I usually have google maps open on my phone and search the distance of the hotel to whatever I want to be close to be it an attraction, the beach or the city. When I went to Buenos Aires this was really handy as we stayed right in the city centre close to tourist spots and it had everything we wanted near by.

9. Now you have to figure out what exactly to do there! If you’re going to Lanzarote you most likely just want to sun worship by the pool and on the beach. If you are going somewhere bigger with lots of things to do I advise using trip advisor to do some extra research on the place. If you go into Pinterest and type in the name of the place you’re going to many blog posts by people that have visited the location will pop up to give you recommendations. Finally compile a list of things you want to do, see, visit or experience, from what you have learned through your research or what you’ve heard of as being good.

10. As I said in the beginning I am very organised. On any trip I go on my family or friends get an itinerary. I think it’s an essential to have all your documents boarding passes reservation information all together I keep it all in a plastic folder when travelling just so it doesn’t get jumbled up in a bag or lost. The way I form a trip itinerary is beginning with baggage allowance and details per person travelling, flight details for where you’re leaving from, then I include hotel details and what transport is needed to arrive there. I usually include rough plans of when and what you want to see on which day. Again with the help of google maps I check what attractions are close to each other to make life easier than zig zagging all over the place. You can have your whole trip worked out on an itinerary and its honestly so much easier than it sounds and keeps you so organised. I literally just copy and paste details after booking them onto a Microsoft Word Document or Excel Spreadsheet.

I personally never include restaurants on the itinerary as I usually like to find places as I come across them. I’m not too fussy but if you are its best to find some reviews for restaurants in the area near where you will be on certain days. Your itinerary can be basic or detailed its all up to you but I do think sometimes its better to be organised. Also if you are travelling with a group or your family instead of answering the same questions over and over again and having to remember all of the details you can give them all a copy of the itinerary so everyone knows what’s going on!

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps on your future travels!

– Bri xo


What A Medium Told Me

Hey everyone! I kind of got out of the groove of writing blog posts but I feel like I’m getting back into it and remembering why I love it so much. Anyways, I went to a medium yesterday and I thought I’d share what she told me. I also feel like it would be good to have it written down while I remember so that I can look back in the future and see what has come to pass. I am personally very spiritual and love all things to do with good energy like nature and crystals and meditation. It’s not for everyone and everyone has different experiences with these things and thats expected were all unique individuals.

So the Medium I went to her name is Eveonne and I have been to her before. Eveonne is from Tipperary and the session cost me 50 euro. I decided to go back as everything she has told me about came true. She had predicted me repeating my Leaving Certificate exams, going to Dublin but returning home, my boyfriend (ex) cheating, my granny being sick, and that I would find driving difficult (which I did, I failed my test 3 times!). Eveonne also had said I would go back to Brazil which at the time was inconceivable to me as it was 8 years since I had been there, two years later and I was in Brazil and I never would have thought I would have gone back. Also that my grandad on my moms side was sick and wouldn’t last very long. I was also told I would travel to Scotland and I have been there about 6 times now and plan on moving there. I was also told I’d marry a man who wears a suit to work and is a businessman, very professional. Also that I’ll have 3 or 4 kids.

As well as predicting my future she told me that there was an elderly man who was watching over me. She said “He says hello lovey and that he never forgot about you and he loves you very much”. My Granduncle Frank who passed away four months before the first time I met Eveonne was the only person in my life who never failed to greet me with “Hello Lovey” every time I saw him since I was a little girl. I was a bit spooked but more emotional than anything as we were so close.

Yesterday when I went to her I didn’t know what to expect. In myself I knew that I’m now in a completely different place than I was last year and even a few months ago. I feel so much happier, confident in myself and clear minded. I have completely let go of things that weren’t serving me well once and just moved on. My life is stable and I’m grateful for all of the hard work I put in to get to this point.

Before I sat down in the chair Eveonne said to me that I was going to travel imminently and I was excited about it. I hadn’t said anything about going away next week. She also said that the angels of travel were around me. I was asked how old I was and I said I’m 22 in July this year, she replied with “you have been through an awful amount of hurt for a person as young as yourself”. She wasn’t wrong, I have been through a lot we all go through things that many people have no idea about at all. She asked me “who has passed away a woman with lovely brown hair she was very close to you and kept your secrets she was very fond of you”. That would be my Grandaunt Mary, (Granduncle Frank’s wife) who passed away in July before my 21st birthday. She had beautiful brown hair always combed a certain way always well styled and I had told her things that I wouldn’t have told anyone and she always kept my secrets. Eveonne then said “she went down very fast didn’t she” which could have only been in reference to her passing as it was very quick. She then said “Mary will be there to guide you through life” which I didn’t find emotional or spooky this time just very comforting.

Eveonne went on to tell me about how I was in an awful relationship before where I was not treated the way I deserved which I agreed with because my past relationships have been crap to be honest. They have all taught me a lot though and she confirmed that I am wiser now and they taught me to know what I deserve and that I have healed from them. So thats a huge plus in my book! She said that I have a good group of friends now that support me and thats what I need. I was told that new love is on the way, a soulmate connection is there and the “You Found It” angel card appeared to confirm that.

However for it to work and last long it would take time to develop and patience. She said I’m a lot more patient than I used to be which is true I have noticed that in myself. Eveonne said that whoever this was was not in Ireland. I was told that to thrive and grow I have to leave Ireland and experience more. Also that “its not the time to put all your eggs in the one basket”. I think this is related to a course I applied for that would keep me in Ireland for 4 years which I’m reluctant to take to be honest. She said I’ve made a decision and its the right one and that would be that I have booked a one way flight to Edinburgh! I plan on getting a job there and seeing how things go. I was told not to go to Dubai and Australia not that I was planning to really but my best friend is moving to Australia in October so I guess I’ll have to meet her halfway in Thailand or maybe Bali (if the funds are good) anyways no bother to me! Also there may be a job opportunity in Paris in the future and to take it. I wouldn’t mind that now oooh la la. There was a good bit more she told me thats too personal to share but overall I’m glad I went. The most I took from it was that I’m making the right choices now and everything is going to work out the way its supposed to. Again this stuff isn’t for everybody but I enjoyed it and thought I would share!

If anyone reading this has been to a medium and had all of the stuff come true please let me know I’d love to hear some stories!

Lots of Love- Bri xo

My Skincare Routine

I type this hesitantly as I don’t have an exact skin care routine I live by. I do however use a few bits in a certain order when I remember to look after my skin. I have combination skin I believe- I am no skin expert. I have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) but dry cheeks.

I don’t use primer when putting on makeup I feel like primer is a lie and a waste of money and I don’t use moisturiser either, I just throw the foundation straight on my face. At the end of the day after ripping off my false eyelashes I just wipe off my makeup with a Simple face wipe. After that I use my Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleanser with a come clean cloth from Penneys or Primark and some warm water.

After drying my face I use a Vitamin C toner that my mom bought for me in the US but any toner with Vitamin C would do the same job. It smells lovely and feels so refreshing i don’t put it on a cotton pad I put a few drops in my hand and rub it into my skin. Then I usually put on a moisturiser like the Clinique Oil free one or a No.7 Sensitive skin night cream but not a huge amount a little goes a long way.

I have massive horrendous dark circles under my eyes always as I don’t sleep very well and its genetic. I use the Mario Badescu Chamomile Eye Cream at night to attempt to diminish the dark circles appearance.

If my skin still feels dehydrated after all of this maybe due to hormones or lack of water or whatever I would just pop on a serum or facial oil from No.7 again its for sensitive skin and that gets soaked in over night.

In the morning I would just wash my face with some water and then use a witch hazel toner on a cotton pad and wipe away any oils on my face to matte it before makeup. Before doing makeup I spray the Mario Badescu Rosewater and herbs spray on my face as it mists onto your face and makes it feel hydrated without any oils and then I’m done.

I might use a No.7 microdermabrasion exfoliator scrub once a week and The Ordinary AHA BHA peel once every two weeks but not more than that just to remove dead skin cells.

Hope you enjoyed this post I get asked so frequently on Instagram what I use on my skin and I’ve been lazy to do this blog post as I’m no skin expert but this works well for me anyways! Chat soon xx -Bri

Life Update and The Confidence Class

The Confidence Class was two days ago and it’s still soaking in. The lead up to it went so quickly the planning kept me so busy I didn’t realise how fast time went. I can’t believe it’s April already!! Anyways the event went so well I think. I’m very happy with it and can’t believe we actually pulled it all off. Everyone keeps saying how proud we should be of ourselves and to be honest I am really bloody proud of myself. The aim of the event was to create a space where we could share our experiences with people interact with them and all have fun, laughs understanding and positivity throughout the room. We set out to speak on various topics including ones very close to my heart such as mental health, body positivity and the influence of social media. I was like a demon in Kris Jenner Momager mode the hours leading up to the event and I truly feel for anyone who had to deal with me😂. As soon as the event started though I began to relax perhaps a bit too much if you’re sensitive to people drinking out of Prosecco bottles and savagely eating donuts and cupcakes! But I was living my best life anyways and that’s all that matters ☺️🙌

The feedback we have received from some of the gorgeous people that attended The Confidence Class on Saturday has been phenomenal. I would absolutely love to hold another event with the lads who were all involved. Reece, Molly, Ty, Adam and Rachel all knocked it out of the park with their chats and stories. Limerick Suicide Watch officers joined us with their beautiful watch dog Fern and spoke to everyone about the fantastic voluntary work they do and how it benefits the people of Limerick in Suicide prevention. Overall I loved the whole thing and as I said I’d love to do it again so we will have to wait and see what the future holds 🙏.

In the next few weeks I have the search for the new face of Glowing Girlies Boutique to look forward to. I will be a mentor to 5 girls out of 10 who will be competing to become the next Face of Glowing Girlies Boutique. I also have another fabulous event this Friday with Miss Penguin P in aid of Milford Hospice. I truly love supporting local Limerick businesses and Limerick Charities. I feel Limerick is such a great county with MOUNTAINS of potential just waiting to be utilised and seeing local businesses and charities do well honestly make me so happy for the community we have in Limerick. I’d love nothing more than to have a position of power to actually make change in this city, show people its potential and increase tourism. Maybe I should have done politics 😂 maybe not…

Anyways lots of stuff to look forward to there always is! Hope you enjoy this little life update. You can be sure to keep up with me on Instagram too if you like @bribblogs 🙌

Talk soon.

-Bri xo

Bri the Dropout

Hey guys! I’m back after some time away from blogging. I literally had a block and couldn’t think of anything to write about until a friend of mine suggested this so here it goes I hope you enjoy it! Leaving Uni isn’t the end of your life as you know it although it is often perceived that way by certain people. I left Trinity College Dublin after less than a month of being there and repeated my leaving certificate. I then went to the University of Limerick for 2 years and dropped out. Firstly I would like to address the stigma that there is around the word “dropout”. People seem to think that because you have dropped out of college you have also dropped out of life. Drop outs are stereotyped to be people that gave up easily on their degree due to laziness, will live off social welfare and sleep on the couch all day. This for me and MANY others is not the case. Leaving my degrees were one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. To break away from the norm and the set life path I had always envisioned for myself and be completely lost in what I wanted to do, it was scary. What I had planned before going into college was how most people plan their lives out to be. Go to college, get a job, get a house, get married, have kids, go to work, go on holidays here and there, retire and die. I left Trinity because I knew straight away I was in the wrong course. I left UL in second year not because of the course but because I didn’t enjoy college at all and I had to do what was best for me at the time. I couldn’t begin to tell you how hard of a decision it was. I thought I was letting everyone down that I’d be a disappointment. I didn’t know what I’d do with my life. I didn’t know how I’d make money it was all terrifying. I just knew I couldn’t go on being as unhappy as I was and not feeling hopeful or excited about what I was doing.

I have never been a totally lazy do nothing at all type of person, in fact that would drive me insane. I knew I didn’t want the couch potato claiming benefits lifestyle for me so I made a plan. I looked into all the jobs I could qualify for without a degree, the night classes I was interested in and things I could do as a skill and went from there. I have done many part time courses and skill training days since leaving college I’ll list them for you:

Start your own business course with the Local Enterprise Office

Classic Eyelash Extensions Portobello Institute Dublin

Volume Eyelash Extensions Glamour Lashes Academy

Sculpted Nails LCFE

Mindfulness LCFE

Front Office Management IBAT

I have only been out of college 1 year. Im so glad I’ve been able to pursue what I’m actually interested on my own agenda. I felt pressured to be in University when I don’t think it was ever what I wanted. I think I just did it because it was the done thing. When I was unhappy and left I felt so relieved and honestly am so glad I had the courage to do so. Many people in this world are stuck in their lives like cages they built for themselves by not doing what they truly want to do and enjoy. I personally feel like everyone needs to do what makes them happy discover your own path don’t follow the norm just because that’s the done thing. I may be a dropout but I’m still educating myself, setting goals, contributing to society and working to support myself. I did drop out of college but I certainly didn’t drop out of life.

– Bri xo