Honey, I’m Home

Welcome to my house tour,

(well, some of it!)


Last year around August we moved into a new house. A year on and it still looks like a building site from the outside, which unfortunately happens with building a house, it can be a very slow process. Without going into too much detail of the layout of the house I will say that I do have my own part of the house, which consists of a sitting room, a bedroom and a bathroom. There is space for a small kitchen but I’m in the process of saving to have one I like installed. At the moment that space is used for storage of boxes, Christmas decorations and suitcases etc. so I didn’t bother taking any pictures of it. The house is quite modern and people are generally confused by its layout. I’m living in the part of the house that used to be my great grandaunts cottage so I designed the interior to have an old lady cottage home vibe. It’s very girly and kind of Laura Ashley in an interior design style. Anyways I’ll post some pictures of my house below and let you know where I got some of the stuff. All of the stuff I bought was quite cheap and I had gathered bits of furniture over time and stored a lot of it in our old house. Most pieces came from second hand stores, TK MAXX, and I gave a lot of old furniture we had a bit of a makeover so we didn’t spend loads of money on new furniture.

The stairs are a bit of an unusual colour but I wanted something in the house to remind me of my great grandaunt who lived here. The cottage was originally painted blue and everyone in the family always called it the blue cottage so thats why I decided to put bits of duck egg blue throughout the downstairs. I saw herringbone as a floor pattern ages ago on Pinterest and fell in love with it so when we were picking tiles I insisted that they be put down in that pattern. The main couch was actually a couch we’ve had for 20 years and it was in perfect condition so I got them reupholstered. I did the same with the three other chairs which were all from the original building when we were clearing it out for construction. I love to read (when I have time) so, I thought putting a few shelves under the stairs was a perfect idea. Before they were put in there was a lot of room there and I wanted to fill it. I have a few quotes and pictures going up along the wall next to the stairs because they’re what I see as I’m running out the door so I get to read a nice quote that puts me in a better mood for the day. I have a glass garden table and two chairs that were originally green and used outside but I spray painted the set in gold and put new covers on the seat cushions.

I love my room it’s like my own sanctuary. I decided to have a fully mirrored sliding wardrobe because I always found that when I was getting ready to go out with my friends we would all be fighting over the mirror trying to get all of our heads in. Thankfully this problem has been resolved and we can spend more time getting ready instead of killing each-other. I still have yet to master a #melfie though haha… cringe probs never will. The ‘B’ above my bed stands for Boujee. Obviously.

This is my bathroom. I have a flower shaped shower head, and yes I stacked that toilet paper because I had nothing better to do.

Thats my house anyways, hope you enjoyed that little tour and snoop around.

I’ll leave a list here below of where I got some of the things you can see in the pictures of each room above. – Bri x




Sitting Room:

Ceiling light- Laura Ashley

Floor lamp- The Range Limerick

Woven rug- TK MAXX

Patterned rug- Laura Ashley

Coffee Table- 2nd hand shop (50 euro)

Candles- TK MAXX

Whiskey Decanter- 2nd hand shop (5 euro)

Photo frames- The Range Limerick

Curtains- Laura Ashley

Curtain Rods- Home Focus

Baroque Mirror- Ebay (120 euro)



Chandelier- Ebay (60 euro) *self assemble* SO WORTH IT

Bedside lamps- Dunnes Stores

White rug- TK MAXX

Bed and bedside lockers- McCarthy’s Furniture Limerick

Wall letter and Crown wooden sign- TK MAXX



Shower head- Bought in Brazil and haven’t seen anything like it in Ireland sorry!

Laundry basket, soap dispensers, marble holders- TK MAXX

Mirror- The Range Limerick



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