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For my first blog post I wanted to write about my most recent trip. My last trip abroad was in July, I went to Italy with my mom for a week. I was a bit nervous as me and my mom can easily clash heads at times because our personalities are so different. Thankfully we didn’t end up killing each other, and we had so much fun. I love how I now have these wonderful memories of getting lost in Italy with my mom to look back on. I’m still surprised at how much we covered in such a short amount of time.


We arrived in Venice Treviso and immediately made our way by bus and train to Verona. We chose to go to Verona first because I have two cousins living there. We arrived in Verona quite late so we met up with my cousin Diana and went for dinner. We had pizza and wine al fresco next to the river in Verona and it was divine. It was even better catching up with my cousin since I hadn’t seen her in so many years. The next day we woke up early and toured the main streets and squares as well as the castle ruins. I had been to Verona before when I was younger but I had no recollection of it whatsoever so I’m glad I went back and got to do things properly.


We went to Juliet’s House, which is basically a building in Verona that is supposed to be the house of Juliet Capulet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. A lot of people might know it from the movie “Letters to Juliet”. There was a huge crowd outside and it was around midday when we went, so the heat was beating down on us. There’s a statue of what’s supposed to be Juliet in the courtyard of the house and people are supposed to rub her breast for good luck. The poor statue had only one breast left on her, her breast has been rubbed so much that it’s been eroded away over time! We paid to get inside the house and walked around it which was much less crowded, although there wasn’t much in it other than the fact it gave you access to Juliet’s balcony where you could take pictures.


After that we went shopping and did more walking and exploring of Verona. Side note: I got the coolest gelato ever. It had a macaron on it and it was rose shaped. Here it is:


My friends know that I love my wine but I was struggling keeping up with the Italians! The next day we met up with some family friends and went for dinner up in the mountainous area by Verona where it was cooler but still warm, the roads were so windy and I felt like I just got off a rollercoaster when I got out of the car. All of it was lovely my moms friends spoke both Italian and Portuguese but no English, so I had to use whatever Portuguese I could remember in order not to be left out of conversation. We drank loads of wine (surprise surprise) and then ended up chatting for hours and didn’t get home till really late.


The next two days we spent in Florence and travelled by train, it just seemed the easiest and fastest way to get to where we wanted and we booked it all online just the night before we wanted to go from place to place. Florence was absolutely stunning. Definitely somewhere to go with your partner (not your mom like I did) because it’s so romantic and scenic especially Ponte Vecchio. There’s also really cool stuff to do if you’re interested in art such as the Uffizi art gallery which has paintings like ‘The Birth of Venus” and “Madonna and Child”, you can also go see the Duomo which is honestly a stunning building to look at even if you don’t know (or care) a thing about architecture. We met up with some more family friends for dinner that night which was great because our hostess was a top Italian chef!



After two days in Florence we left to go to Rome. We decided to say “screw it” and we became such typical tourists by getting an open top double decker tour bus to see all of the main attractions in Rome. We did the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi fountain all in one day. Needless to say we were shattered the next day, so we strolled around and re-visited some stops on the bus tour because we had bought a two-day pass.


Our last destination was Venice we spent our last full day here. I absolutely loved Venice thinking about it makes me so emotional, haha how sad am I. I had the best time there even though its definitely another honeymooney, coupley, type of destination and yes I was there with my mom to make it even more sad hahaha. We unfortunately didn’t get to go on a gondola because it started POURING rain, everyone ran out of the main square so fast I seriously thought something had gone wrong, but it was only fecking rain!!!! The way people were running my god they wouldn’t cope with the Irish weather at all at all. As for mom and myself we purchased some super sexy over priced rain gear from a stand and just motored on through Venice while everyone stared at us as if we were mad. The rain made everything look lovely like something out of a movie and because the rain had scared off the weak we had the streets to ourselves.


I highly highly recommend going to Florence and Venice if you’re planning a trip to Italy. We spent a week in Italy and got so many places ticked off and I know some people might think oh what a poor misfortune going on holiday with her mom, but feck it we had a marvelous time and it’s something I’ll never forget. This being said I’m defo going back but next time with a boyfriend because its idzeal as Doireann Garrihy would put it. Also, anyone going to Italy in general should be aware that the language barrier is real!!! So have a few Italian phrases on hand going over because the amount of times I ended up playing charades with waiters was ridiculous hahaha. Anyways that’s all I have to say about my trip to Italia. Just kidding. Aperol Spritz’s are life. Look at this beauty.


Now I’m done. Ciao Bella (watch me off speaking Italian and all) – Bri xo

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