My Airplane Essentials

Hello people of the internet,

I decided to make a list of my travel must haves things that I absolutely cannot get on a plane without. These items can be brought on both long haul and short haul flights which I find super handy. I usually pick up the travel sized items in any Boots stores. Of course I usually have my makeup bag too sorted into those wretched plastic bags to get through airport security but these are just some other items that I find essential on a flight.

1. Dry Shampoo.

dry shampoo

I always need dry shampoo because I feel that when I get up early and am running through an airport and getting onto a plane my hair just feels greasy, even though I may have just washed it that morning. I bring a travel sized dry shampoo to restore a bit of volume to my hair and make it feel less oily.

2. Makeup wipes


I always carry makeup wipes because if I am wearing makeup and I just feel like its been on for too long or I want to give my skin a breather I can take it off with a makeup wipe.

3. Deodorant


4. Travel sized toothbrush and tooth paste

travel toothbrush and toothpaste

5.  Concealer


In case I have any spots or dark under eye bags I want to cover up before getting off the plane. The main concealer I use when travelling is the Makeup Forever concealer. I bring this because its so high coverage and literally doesn’t budge after its on your face. It’s incredible and again super handy to have and its waterproof so if it is raining when you get off the plane or if its hot and you get sweaty, it stays on.

6. Lip balm

lip balm

I usually bring my EOS one because its so small and handy to have in your bag.

7. An adapter


Theres nothing worse than forgetting your 10 euro adapter at home and then having to fork out 29 euro for a new adapter at an airport. Been there done that, never again please haha.

8. A good book to read

book cover

Some times it’s nice to just take a break from your phone and social media, and just get your nose stuck into a good book to take your mind somewhere else for a while.

9. Water


I know you can’t bring water through airport security but as soon as I get through I always go buy water. I do this because I hate being dehydrated and I feel like the air conditioning on airplanes just completely dehydrates me.

10. Evian Spray Mist

evian spray

I love this because it helps my skin feel nice and hydrated when I’m up in the air.

11. A portable charger

portable chaarger

Wether the flight is long haul or short haul, if you’re on a plane or bus that doesn’t have a usb outlet for you to charge your phone, this is a life saver. One time a friend and I went to Paris and forgot our portable chargers and we were in the airport and our phones were both dying and our boarding passes were stored in our Apple Wallets. We had to beg a lady at a car rental desk to charge our phones, then she went on her break and we nearly didn’t get our phones back in time and almost missed our flight. Moral of the story either bring a portable charger or don’t be reliant on technology. Also you can pick them up in Penneys I got one there in rose gold for I think it was either 6 or 9 euro there about, and it got me through all of Longitude Festival.

12. Headphones


Essential for when you’re looking out of the plane window listening to music pretending you’re in a movie.

Hope this helps you when deciding what to bring on your next flight!

– Bri xo

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