Bri’s Favourite Beauty Products

Hello everyone,

I was recently asked about which beauty products I use regularly, so to answer I’ve decided to make a post out of it. These are products that I actually use nearly every day if not every day and I highly recommend them. To be honest I’m not that wild when it comes to my makeup or beauty products. I like to buy things that I know are good quality and will last long. As I’m always on the go between college, placement for nursing, the salon and going out with my friends and family I need things that are quick and easy to use. I also go for products that don’t wear off after two hours since it was put on my face because I usually don’t have time to retouch my makeup.

  1. MAC Pro longwear foundation. I use the shade NC30 when I have tan on and the shade NC20 when I don’t have tan on. I love this foundation because I have oily skin and it doesn’t budge. It lasts all day which is just perfect for me. This being said its not for everyone, we all have different skin types but if you’re interested definitely pick up a tester and see how you find it. mac prolongwear
  2. Rimmel London ‘Brow This Way’. This is a small eyebrow duo that has a brow gel and a brow powder. Its so tiny and easy to use and bring anywhere. It also lasts so so long like one of them can last up to 3 months and for 4.99 euro it’s a no brainer for me. rimmel brow this way
  3. ‘Bahama Mama’ The Balm Cosmetics. This bronzer I use to contour, its super pigmented and a little goes a long way with this one. bahama mama
  4. SOSU Highlighter Palette. Suzanne Jackson is a girl boss and wether you love her or hate her (all love here) you have to admit her highlighter palette is something magical. The highlighters feel like butter and they just make you feel like a glowing goddess. And there are six shades so you’re spoiled for choice. SOSU-Highlighter-Kit
  5. Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip Gloss by Soap & Glory. Shade: Nude in Town. If you don’t like lip plumper avoid this. It makes your lips super tingly and immediately makes them look bigger. I love this because I don’t have much of an upper lip and it just makes me feel like I’ve got a bit of a pout. soap and glory
  6. Inglot ‘Long For’ Mascara. Ciara my best friend is gonna get a kick out of this one because she knows full well I don’t own this and she does. Every time we go out I’m like “oh no…I seem to have forgotten my mascara…can I borrow yours oh kind hearted friend?”. I’m obsessed with this mascara it’s unreal, I really need to invest in it instead of annoying Ciara. long_for_mascara
  7. Banana Powder from Penneys (Primark). I first heard of banana powder from Kim Kardashians makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic aka Makeup By Mario. I use it over my under eye concealer to set it so it lasts longer. I also have really dark under eye circles so I tend to let it set for a while before dusting off the excess just to make sure I don’t look too like a racoon or zombie. penneys banana powder
  8. MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick. This is my go to lipstick. I love it because its almost the exact same as my own natural lip colour so I don’t feel overdone. It adds a nice finish to a natural look for me. velvet teddy MAC
  9. Inglot Gel Liner 77. I mean…there is no better gel eyeliner. This stuff is amazing it doesn’t budge, it’s such a dark black colour and in a small container that just keeps on giving. If it dries up on you all you have to do is add a drop of the Inglot Duraline and it becomes brand new again. Such a good investment. inglot liner
  10. Rimmel London ‘Stay Matte’ Pressed Powder. I don’t remember what shade I last got but they come in loads of shades so you can find one to match yourself. I always have this in my clutch on nights out or bag during the day in case I do get shiny around my T-zone. I use this more on nights out than anything because its super affordable. I also tend to lose things on nights out or drop things and then they break so if that happens to this its easy to replace. rimmel powder

Those are my 10 favourite beauty products which I use the most. I try to keep everything quite affordable incase I lose it which can easily happen when you’re running from one place to another and constantly switching bags. If you’re like me and want to keep your essentials simple but effective definitely try some of these out, and if you do let me know what you think!

 – Bri xo

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