How I Did Paris In A Day


Early this year I went to Paris for the day with one of my closest friends Mark. For a Day? Yes you read that correctly. In 24 hours we went from our hometown Limerick to Paris and back.

Why? Why not. Why for a day? Thats all we could afford truthfully haha. Were we exhausted after? Most definitely. Was it worth it? 100%.

I definitely recommend doing this if you’re as travel crazy as I am but I cannot stress enough just how exhausted we were for the rest of the week.

Mark and I both live in Limerick, which is in the south west of Ireland. We booked our flights with Ryanair for a ridiculously cheap price. Our flight however was departing from Dublin at 6am so to get there in time we had to get the 2:20am bus from Arthurs Quay in Limerick City, directly to Dublin airport. We landed in Paris Beauvais airport, and to be honest it isn’t a well established airport it looks more like a shed you would have down the back of your garden. It took us a solid hour and a half to get through airport security then we finally got outside at around 9:30am. The airport is also 45 minutes away from the city centre so to get there we had to get a bus.

The bus dropped us off in the city and we were so relieved to have finally gotten there. We went and got hot chocolate at Angelina which is supposedly the best hot chocolate in the world. And believe me it really was. I would gladly bathe in that stuff and I don’t even like hot chocolate.


Our main reason for wanting to go to Paris was that we wanted to go see Versailles. Both Mark and I had already been to Paris more than once but never went to the Palace of Versailles so that was our goal for this day trip to get it ticked off our bucket lists. We quickly realised that Versailles is not in the centre of Paris but another hour away. To get there we hopped on the RER train which is a train service in Paris. Okay we hopped on a few trains because we got confused and a bit lost but hey we got there eventually haha. We stopped along the way to find a supermarket where we could buy an adapter because we hadn’t any portable chargers or an adapter. And lets face it not many of us can survive in a foreign country with a dead phone. Then we made a quick Starbucks pit stop  in the Versailles area because it was like 1 in the afternoon and we NEEDED coffee.IMG_3652

We then had at long last made our way to and arrived at the palace. My heart was fluttering I was so excited (also deliriously tired and caffeinated) but Versailles was jaw droopingly stunning. Even the exterior was immaculate and elegant, it was just everything I imagined French royalty living in.



I felt like a Queen even just walking around. Marie Antoinette’s crib was absolute house goals. The interiors were so luxurious and everywhere you looked there was gold or floral intricate details. It was truly stunning I did not want to leave at all. I thought it was just insane and really cool that I was walking in the same room that many Kings and Queens had walked in, it was just incredible.


We didn’t have enough time to explore the gardens because they are MASSIVE and definitely need to be allocated a whole day to fully appreciate them. I guess were just going to have to go back Mark! (if you’re reading this haha).


At the palace there is a Laduree store. If I could live on macarons believe me I would. My favourite macaron makers would be Pierre Herme and Laduree both french companies, both delicious. I bought a box of 6 and split them with Mark.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 19.30.10.png

We were outside admiring the view of the gardens, when suddenly we both looked at each other and realised after our snack that we had not eaten a meal since dinner the night before. You know when you’re so hungry you surpass hunger and start feeling sick? We had surpassed even that we were starving. Doing a big turn around from being all glamorous in Versailles we ran to McDonalds as it was close and stuffed ourselves haha. The panic was over then we got on the right train this time back to the city and went exploring.

We took in the sights and sat down in a park having a long gawk at the Eiffel Tower. My feet were killing me. Note to self: next time do not wear heeled boots, no matter how fab they are.


After a while we made our way back to the airport. We sat down and had a drink because why not sure treat yo self some more. Our phones were about to die and the  few airport sockets that were there didn’t work. Mark ended up asking a lady working at a car rental desk to charge our phones for us (his French is way better than mine) . We needed our phones because our boarding passes were stored on it. Suddenly our flight was called to start boarding we had yet to go through airport security and we had no phones…worst of all the lady had disappeared on her break. Talk about a disaster! Mark had to run outside to find her so we could get our phones back to board the plane. Thankfully we found her and everything turned out alright in the end. We landed in Dublin around midnight and got straight onto the bus back to Limerick. We got back to Limerick just 24 hours on the dot after we left there. We were so tired we weren’t even able to speak to each other haha.

I’d say we would do it all again though because it really was an experience and I’ll never forget it. All of the beautiful sights and going on an adventure with one of my best friends. The 24 hours we spent was a whirlwind. All of our mini panics about phones and hunger and getting on the wrong trains was funny then, but it’s even more funny now to look back on. I think I slept the entire next day, it was so tiring all the walking and travelling involved but it was so worth it. Would I recommend it to other people? If you have the want to go somewhere like Paris that is close enough to Ireland, to only see one particular thing, and if you think you would be able for all of the walking and travelling involved in such a short amount of time, yes. Paris is always a good idea in my opinion. If you want to see more than just one thing book a few days off, get a hotel and take your time getting to know the place.  – Bri xo



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