How I Stay Sane


Hello everybody!

2018 is in full swing and although the month of January was hell, we’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel- FEBRUARY. As mentioned in my previous blog post ‘My Experience With Mental Health’ which you can find here, I suffer from anxiety and unfortunately I do get down because of it from time to time. Throughout the horrible month which was January I had been running around and kept busy so I hadn’t the time to think but by the end of the month everything had caught up on me and I crumbled.  So needless to say I was in a bit of a funk. Over time I have developed ways of getting myself out of it and it literally just involved self care. Self care is so so important and people need to realise that its more than okay, (encouraged even!!) to take time out to look after yourself.

So after talking to some friends who had also felt like they were in a negative head space after January and even during I felt compelled to do up a blog post on well… how I stay (relatively) sane (most of the time). A lot of the population lead busy lives and rarely get a chance to stop and think about what they really need.

Here are a few ideas on how to practice some self care and these are all things which I did to help make myself feel better.

Here it goes:

Go for a walk. Sometimes it does you the world of good to get out of your room and just breathe some fresh air. Alternatively you can go to the gym and get some exercise there. Endorphins from working out are guaranteed to make you feel better its scientifically proven.

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Plan something to look forward to. Book a flight, plan a trip, but have something to look forward towards in the next few weeks.

Take a bath. Pour a TONNE of bubble bath in there and just completely unwind. You can even light some candles, take a glass of wine with you, and watch some netflix if you like.  After you can even throw on a face mask or something just to feel pampered.


Order your favourite food and dessert. Eat it all and feel 0 guilt. Life is for living.

Read a book. Concentrating on something that completely helps you escape for a little while can be so comforting which is why reading a book is great. If you’re not someone that likes to read listen to a podcast or a TED talk on youtube they’re so interesting and there are so many videos to choose from. For me I like to read the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. ‘The Secret’ is a book on the law of attraction and I know many people think its all airy fairy hippie mumbo jumbo but it’s really not its just a guide for positive thinking and a better way of approaching things. Well thats what I see it as anyways and it has definitely changed my life since I read it first and have re read it many times since.

the secret book

Turn on some music really loud and have a 30 second dance party. You may feel silly but at least you’ll get to laugh at yourself.

Turn off your phone. I know this can seem like a hard thing to do because nowadays we are all glued to our phones and obsessed with what people are posting and saying online. What we have to remember is that free apps on our smartphones don’t project what real life looks like. The online world is obscure and opaque, as comments can be deleted photos can be edited and everything is not portrayed to reflect reality. In real life you can’t delete what you said or edit your boobs to look bigger instantly. Apps such as Instagram although we may love it for the aesthetically pleasing photos and the lives portrayed in photos that make us envious and strive for that lifestyle as a goal for ourselves, it is not an accurate depiction of that persons real life. Disconnect from the online world. Take in your surroundings, the people physically around you and speaking to you directly, take in their facial expressions and how you both may be feeling, be 100% in the moment.

no phones

Take a nap. You may be super tired and not even realise it because you’ve been running off of fumes. Either way a nap won’t hurt you. Get that beauty rest! The pic below is from the show The Bachelor if you don’t know what it is go google it right now. Best show EVER.

naps corinne

Make a mahooosive mug of whatever you like to drink. Sit down on the couch with it and just unwind leave all electronic things off and just write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Even if these things are small you’ll instantly feel better. For instance heres my things that I’m grateful for : 1. My cute little kitten in a ball asleep next to me 2. A warm home to come back to after a long day 3. My friends and family who are so supportive 4. My granny and her dirty jokes 5. That my car has petrol in it so I don’t need to fill it up anytime soon. As you can see they don’t need to be big long soul searching things but just everyday things that you’re grateful for. PS this mug pictured below is 10 euro from Love The Mug a super cute company run from Dublin and they make all of these mugs themselves and have really cute quotes and sayings on them. I’m obsessed I literally bought one for everyone in my family so they would stop taking mine! You can purchase some here.

mug pic

Go to the cinema or go shopping. Get out of the house, go treat yourself.

If you really need some positivity and just cannot get your head to think that way at all find a list of positive affirmations on Google or Pinterest and just say them over and over to yourself (in your head) until you believe them.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 23.25.51

Eliminate any pressure or negativity. If you are surrounded by people who are negative you will be affected by this. Either remove yourself from the company of chronically negative people or speak to them and ask them why they are being that way and see if there is something wrong that can be changed to make them more positive.  If you are putting pressure on yourself…STOP. Take a step back see the situation from a different point of view, realise how far you’ve already come, be nice to yourself and then re-evaluate.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 23.30.18

Call a friend or someone you love. Talk to them about how your feeling or not its up to you maybe just call them and talk about anything but how you feel if thats what you need.

Realise you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. You owe no one any explanations why you chose what you chose or did what you did as long as you feel at peace with your decisions and self. I know this gave me a lot of anxiety as I would always be thinking oh god what will people say or think or what if they ask me this and that and to be honest you owe no one an explanation. Mind ya own damn business thats what you tell them

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 23.27.45


Go to your happy place. This could be the beach, a family members house, a church, or a park. Go to the place (wherever it may be) where you feel most calm and at peace. If you don’t have a place make one up, visualise one.


Binge watch your favourite TV shows or movies. Self explanatory.

Organise something with your friends. Even if its going out for a drive and blaring the music and singing at the top of your lungs and ending up in another county. If you want to have a night in grab some snacks and drinks and just relax.



As you can see most of these things are simple enough but are 100% effective. I hope you take some time out in the coming week to do something for yourself, to look after and treat yourself, because you deserve it!

– Bri xo




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