Review: Mario Badescu Products

Hey everybody!

I recently got the much talked about Mario Badescu skin products! I was so excited to try them out as I had heard so much about them through many social media accounts.

Here’s what I got:

Enzyme Cleansing Gel


I love this because it is really gentle on the skin. I use it after taking off my makeup with just a Simple makeup wipe. It helps to remove any makeup your wipe may have missed. It also works into your pores more than a makeup wipe would, to remove dead skin and blocked pores. I do feel however that if you buy this thinking it will clear any acne or other problematic skin issues you will be disappointed. It smells lovely and subtly fruity which I love. It also is suitable for all skin types, so if you’re looking for a very basic cleanser this is the one!

Acne Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is more targeted towards acne, it contains Salicyclic Acid which is used by dermatologists to combat oily troubled skin.

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

I don’t know why but in my head I had myself convinced this was a spray toner. It is not. There are no toner like properties in this spray. In fact after inspecting the back of the bottle I found out that it is in fact used as a hydrating facial spray which can also be used to set your makeup. Not gonna lie I got some spray on my lips and then licked them and it tasted as nice as it smells.

Super Collagen Mask

After using this mask my skin instantly looked less dull and also felt hydrated. Collagen levels in the skin deplete as you get older and causes wrinkles to appear. So using collagen products or taking supplements can strengthen your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles too.

Chamomile Night Cream (Sample Size)

I only got a sample size of this product and I’m actually kind of bummed. I love it especially because Chamomile has anti inflammatory properties. So any spots that are red and sore can actually go down over night with this night cream. I definitely think when I’m ordering my next batch of stuff on Beauty Bay I’ll buy a big pot of this cream. I have tried lots of other night moisturisers and creams but I find them too thick or oily, this one I think is perfect for me as when I wake up I’m not looking at an oily face.


I would definitely recommend these products to other people as they are very affordable compared to other brands and they’re also cruelty free which is always a plus. I think that once I run out of these products I’ll definitely replace the Chamomile Night Cream, the Super Collagen Mask, and the Enzyme Cleansing Gel just because they really suit my skin and I really enjoy using them. I also want to try an astringent toner and acne drying lotion from this brand to target acne when I get the occasional breakout. You can also buy all of the skin care range on Beauty Bay here. HAPPY SPENDING!


Hope you enjoyed this post!

Bri xo







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