My Lip Trip

Hello there and welcome back to the blog!

As some of you may know I got my lips done around three weeks ago at Allure Medical Clinic in Limerick City. Getting any kind of cosmetic surgery can be a big ordeal to some people. I personally have never had any issues or strong opinions on it. I believe that everyone has the right to do whatever they please to their body, as it is their own. I have always felt that if anyone feels like they want to change anything about themselves why not? It’s a personal choice. I had never liked my top lip, when I smiled it disappeared into a thin line to show my full set of upper teeth and gums. I hated it having a gummy smile and I know many see this as vain, superficial etc., AND believe me I know I’m an amazing person and beauty comes from within and blah blah blah but I wanted it done so I got it plumped.

Here is a before photo of my lips without any filler:


I arrived at Allure around 15 minutes before my appointment because I knew there would be paperwork to fill out. I was greeted warmly by Dr.Kate and her assistants. After filling out your basic medical form information I went into the treatment room. Dr.Kate and I chatted about what I wanted to achieve with my lips. I told her I just wanted them to look fuller but keep my natural shape especially around my cupids bow. After discussing what look I was going for Dr.Kate explained the process in detail from what products she was using on me and how much of it and how it would feel. I felt so comfortable and at ease, especially because I was so nervous before I came in.

I had heard a lot of bad things in the media of clinics that had left people with severe bruising and lumps in their lips and it had worried me a bit to be honest. I was terrified I was going to look like a trout walking out with huge lips. Of course that didn’t happen!! I chose Allure Medical Clinic because the person doing my lips would be highly qualified and trained in how to administer the product correctly and safely. At the end of the day it is your face so you should be careful who you trust with it and do your research. Also Allure came highly recommended to me by a friend and I thought their lips looked great. Dr. Kate used 1ml of Restalyne on my lips concentrating on my upper lip as I had already spoken with her on what kind of look we were going to achieve.

The best way I can describe the feeling of getting lip fillers is that it hurts less than getting a filling at the dentists. Dr.Kate used an anesthetic to numb me up as I had told her I didn’t want to feel any pain. The anesthetic used was Lidocaine which is what dentists use for fillings.

After they were done they were swollen as expected but by the end of the day I felt completely normal again. I did have a slight bit of bruising on my upper lip which made me a bit self conscious as it looked like a moustache haha! Nothing a bit of makeup couldn’t fix thankfully.

This is them after the swelling had gone down:



Its been 2 months now since I’ve gotten them done and I’m still in love with them, they have definitely boosted my confidence. I’m delighted I took the plunge and got them done, some days I even look in the mirror and think hmmm maybe another top up couldn’t hurt haha. For now though I’m more than happy with how they look and definitely couldn’t recommend Allure Medical Clinic enough.

Here are some side by side before and afters:


Here are their details if you want to look them up or ask them any questions!

Instagram: allure_medical_clinic



Snapchat: alluremedical

– Bri xo


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