Getting The Most Out Of London

Hey again!

So the last trip I took was to London, granted it was only for a day. But I have been to London many times before and after getting asked by some people of what I recommend doing in London, I decided to do up a post for you all.

So I’m breaking this down into 3 days which is what most people spend in London on a short break.

Day 1:

I definitely  recommend just strolling around the first day and seeing stuff like Hyde park, Covent Garden, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square and the art museum there if you like art (it’s free), also you can walk by Big Ben, go see the Tower of London and Tower bridge. That would be the first day and you get to see loads also you’ll get familiar with all the tube routes by doing that. Get an Oyster card and top it up as it’s so much easier than buying tube tickets all the time it’s like an Irish leap card.

Day 2:

Then the second day you could go do tourist things like Madame Tussaud’s is really fun and so are the London dungeons I really enjoyed those and you’ll have a laugh with your pals! Defo also go out and see a play if you can 🙌 oh also Leicester Square is cool to walk around and there’s an M&M store there. For a night out go to Embargo Republica or Mahiki both are fab or you could easily find somewhere on google. All bar one is great for cocktails.


Day 3:

The third day you should go shopping on oxford street and just stroll around Chelsea cause it’s so lovely very posh ☺️but if you wanna go more grunge there’s Camden with cereal killer cafe.  You should book afternoon tea somewhere Bluebird in Chelsea is great but can be pricy, the Sanderson does an Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea. You can stop by Peggy Porchens Cakes for some treats and an amazing backdrop for your insta pics 😋.  The hummingbird cafe do unreal cupcakes. Laduree Covent Garden are great for macarons but you can get them in Dublin too so not really London exclusive.

Anyways I hope this helps if you are planning a trip to London and don’t know where to start!

Lots of love, Bri xo


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