Just Another Fat Girl In A Bikini

Hey! Okay so I saw this thing on the internet about body positivity and it made me MAD.

Here it is: 2404F881-A192-4003-B287-2F64B4B73B30.jpeg

LIKE MADE ME SO MAD. And here is why, here is my open response to whoever agrees with the above.

I understand this persons argument I really do and yes it can seem like that’s all there is to the whole body positivity concept; curvier girls with cellulite and stretch marks in bikinis or underwear (like I’ve done). That those girls who pose semi nude are looking for validation and the pandering of others to see them as beautiful despite their “flaws”. BUT I do not believe that to be the truth. Like I said I UNDERSTAND the persons argument, how they can think that. But I do not agree. I believe that girls posting pics of themselves in bikinis isn’t for the “pandering gaze” of others at all especially not for me personally. It has nothing to do with beauty culture. Beauty is not the rent you pay to exist in this world. Girls dress up and put on makeup not for anyone else but because they want to or don’t want to. I posted a picture of myself in a bikini not for a “pandering gaze” (this phrase makes me feel uncomfortable tbh) but to share with my fellow humans of Instagram that I am confident now. I am me. This is how I look. I’m not going to hide it just because the editor of Vogue would never let me on an Advertisement in her magazine, unless it were for weight loss, as the before picture. Im not going to pretend I don’t have stretch marks and curves and cellulite just cause some one might not like it or find me attractive.


I don’t exist for someone to find me attractive. I like myself. I don’t need you to like me. I worked hard to be this comfortable with myself while living in the social media era of ‘perfect people with perfect lives’. I feel comfortable in my own skin in a bikini. I’m not putting that out there for some small minded stranger to DM me ‘hey baby can I suck your 🍉🍉 ‘ or ‘hey big girl 😛’ (some people are truly disgusting). I’m putting the picture out there so other girls or guys who have a mental image of what they should look like can destroy it and just be who and how they are and be comfortable with that. That picture was posted not to trap people of my size and shape “in the same prison of beauty culture” or even to seek validation on my curvy figure from others. As I was once trapped in said “prison” idolising other people and going towards ridiculous measures in order to be like them and look like them. The message of liberation I hope to share by #BodyPositivity is this: embrace just being yourself, look after yourself and love yourself, that is enough. Fuck the beauty culture. While there is no need for men or women to be seen as beautiful. This person is assuming that if a “fat” girl posts a picture of herself in her underwear it’s clearly just for attention and to show that “fat women” are just as beautiful as skinny women blah blah blah we’re all trapped in some prison and they call it Body Positivity. Well if you are that assuming person then educate yourself and stop painting everyone who hashtags #bodypositivity with the same brush. PS never assume it makes an ASS out of U and ME. Next time you see a picture of just another fat girl in a bikini maybe realise that she doesn’t give a fuck if you think she’s sexy or not because she feels sexy in herself and wants only to show other people that they can too break down the walls of their “prison of beauty culture”. 


Later hater 😂😂😂👋

Bri xo


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