BriBBlogs UNVEILED. Is Blogging Dead?

Is blogging dead? Many people would say YES. Why? Because some people who rose to fame based on their Victoria’s Secret model looks and picture perfect lifestyle were lying to people. They lied about not being sponsored to do certain things, that they’ve never had work done, never edited a photo, never bought followers and did countless of other dishonest things. Sometimes even just plain fucking stupid and dangerous things like not wearing seatbelts and drink driving. Thankfully and rightfully they have been called out! Yes it is right to call people out on their lies and say “hey I saw this photo and it looks edited here if it is can you please say if it is so as to not make people think you’re a size 8 when you’re a 14” because it is misleading it’s dishonest and it’s sending out negative body image which affects people who follow you and believe you’re a genuine honest person. And if these people believe in you they’ll buy into whatever skinny tea detox crap you’re swearing by that’ll help your followers lose weight healthily and whatever so they can look just like you! BUT GUESS WHAT? YOU DON’T EVEN LOOK LIKE YOU because you’ve been facetuning away your insecurities. But now you’ve been exposed. For your true self. And then you call it bullying, slander etc. because you probably thought no one would notice, that they would believe in you anyways. People are no longer naive. The veil has been lifted.. and I hated it at first because some people take things too far and do become merciless and vile and hateful and continue to attack people online that they don’t even know. But I do not think that that @bloggersunveiled is responsible for what rude things people say. People are responsible for their own actions. And if you aren’t going to own up to your mistakes @bloggersunveiled will unveil them and if you’re still not big enough to own up and apologise for the things you’ve done well that says a hell of a lot more about you. So practicing what I preach I’ve decided to unveil myself! Have I Facetuned my body before yes I have but it was before I started blogging and that was completely due to my own insecurities. I have also now deleted all of those Facetuned photos. I would never FaceTune my body again because it’s misleading and goes completely against what I believe in now and how I live my life. I do think that it helped me realise I was only fooling myself and  pushed me more towards having to embrace myself and all the body positivity stuff that comes with that. Have I bought any followers ? Yeah I bought 1000 once and regret it cause I shouldn’t have let a number of followers decide how good my content is. Have I had work done? Hell yes I love my lip fillers ask me anything about them anytime! Own your mistakes. Can’t be unveileved if you unveil yourself 👏 I now no longer hate that @bloggersunveiled exists but I rather admire it and enjoy watching the truth unveil. It shows how corrupt some people can be denying their obvious mistakes. But do I think that certain bloggers mistakes should be the cause of death of blogging across Ireland? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I think we can all learn from this. Learn the rules, use #ad and #spon accordingly be fucking honest about yourself and your work cause if your not you’re only lying to yourself. Let this be the rebirth of blogging. Let the bloggers who are talking about real shit and ACTUALLY being honest and passionate about their work come through and shine. Let’s use this time to start new conversations, not about my top 10 wedding guest outfits from ASOS #af #spon (that they don’t even like but are just paid to post for) but about things that actually benefit people in the real world like where to find last minute wedding guest outfits that wont require a second mortgage (oh and I actually like these so if you like the clothes I wear it might give you some inspiration)🙃. Let’s talk about things of substance, honest reviews and opinions, not just things that pretty people are being paid to talk about just so you’ll buy the things so you can be pretty and cool like them. Blogging isn’t dead this is its new beginning. People will now recognise who’s real and who’s fake they’ll recognise what content they actually want to follow instead of content that seems worth following just because others buy into the bullshit. Just like Elvis and Michael Jackson, blogging ain’t dead.

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