Things To Splash The Cash On!

Hello there!

I’ve compiled a list of items I believe are worth splashing the cash on. This is aimed at anyone that is willing to spend on a good investment, but you’re stuck finding just what you want to invest in! I personally don’t like spending loads of money on expensive clothing because I think that fashions change and it’s a shame to waste a ton of money on something you’ll only wear once. But I do think you have to spend some extra money sometimes on certain things to invest in good quality items rather than focus on the quantity of similar items you could purchase for a lesser quality. The plus side is that they’re all beneficial to you and you get good wear out of all of them.

Here are the chosen items:

A good purse: a good reliable purse is essential as you put all of your valuables in it such as your IDs, drivers license, bank cards, loyalty cards and of course money in it. There’s nothing more annoying to me than having to go to a high street shop once every three months because you’ve worn out your purse and need a new one! I suggest you invest in a good real leather purse and it will last you years. 2848A87F-945A-471B-9049-9338DA1DBA68

A good handbag: I mean the same as above applies here. Cheaply made and priced bags are not durable in the long run they wear and tear easily, choose quality over quantity. Trust me there is nothing worse than being at an Ed Sheeran concert and your Penney’s bag suddenly breaks and you’ve to hold your shoulder bag like a takeaway bag for the night…speaking from experience. FE87D6CD-1ABC-444F-893D-8E3F64C4F85C

Glasses if you wear them: Some of you may think that it’s easier to just buy cheap glasses incase you lose them frequently but if you invest in them you’re sure to take care of them. In addition to this it’s your eyesight you should give your eyes the best quality lenses to see properly as directed by opticians not by what you can see most through out of the stand of glasses in the pound store.

Sunglasses: again the same reason as above, look after your eyes! Cheap sunglasses don’t always have the UVA and UVB ray protection your eyes need from the sun. So invest in your eyesight and you can even splash out on a stylish pair!


Comfortable heels: I cannot stress this importance. Comfortable heels are a must. If youre going to an event and don’t know how long you’ll be on your feet, you wear your comfy heels. Gonna be an all night long kind of fiesta? Comfy heels. Don’t end up walking down the street barefoot at 3am with broken glass in your foot just because you chose to wear uncomfortable heels only because hey were cheap.


Signature perfume: every girl and guy too should have one perfume or cologne that they constantly wear and love! I think so anyway this is very much a me thing to splash my cash on it just makes me feel luxurious! My signature perfume is Coco Chanel by Chanel 😍✨❤️


Skincare: I sincerely believe that each person has to find what works for them in regards to their skin. But also be aware that in this day and age there are so many chemicals in skincare brands that are less expensive that cause a lot of damage to the skin. And your skin is so important to look after. So if it’s between a €7.50 cleanser with chemicals similar to that of paint stripper and a cleanser that is packed with vitamins, and is €30 I’d rather look after my skin and spend more and you should too because you deserve to be looked after! These are some of the skin care brands I would recommend you checking out and see what suits your skin type.

Image Skincare, Declaré Skincare, Mario Badescu Skincare, and Murad Skincare.

Hope this helps!

-Bri xo

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