Brazil VS Ireland

Hello!! I have been in Brazil 2 months now! Half of my time here has passed by already. It has had ups and downs. I have missed out on a lot of things at home but I have also made so many new happy memories and had new experiences and adventures that I’ll never forget.


I have decided it would be interesting to compare parts of my life in Ireland to my life in Brazil and other things I have noticed just culturally and in daily living here.


So to begin we can start with mornings, in Ireland I usually just wake up whenever I need to and grab whatever I want for breakfast or go out with one of the girls or my mom for breakfast. In Brazil where I am no one seems to eat breakfast. I still eat my granola and drink my green tea anyways, even if I am the only one.

At mid day in Brazil people have lunch but its like a BIG lunch the size of dinners at home in Ireland. Everyone sits at the table together and eats together. At home I usually just fix up something when I feel like it and no one is ever really home so its just me having a sandwich watching netflix after noon.


The food here is completely different to home. Think black beans and rice almost every day and lots of meat and salads. Also a lot of things are fried. Fried balls of rice, bananas, aubergines, chips, beef, chicken. Where as at home we might have one meal for dinner like pasta, here they’ll have beans, rice, pasta, meat, potato salad, normal salad all for lunch. Then at dinner it could be the same types of food just in smaller quantities.

Alcoholic drinks in bars are wayyy stronger here in Brazil. I am convinced that the reason people say the Irish drink so much is because all of our alcoholic drinks are watered down and the measures are small. Thats probably why there are so many pubs in business. At home I could drink 5-7 drinks such as a vodka and coke. Here I drink two piña coladas and I’m ready to go home. A lot of people here tend to drink more beer as its cheaper and lighter and less alcohol concentrated so it takes a while to get drunk and you can drink a lot more.


It’s been winter since I got here and the temperatures have varied from the coldest being 6 degrees celsius to the warmest being 26 degrees celsius…IN WINTER. Summer here is supposed to be much hotter although I wouldn’t remember exactly. The last time I was in Brazil for a Brazilian summer, (which is our winter months in Ireland) I only remember that I ate a lot of ice cream and my flip flops melted while I was walking. I was 10. Irish winters are a steady cold period, not 6 degrees one week and 26 the next. Also my flip-flops would never melt while walking down the road in Ireland, I don’t think its possible for our little island to be that hot, even if we did have one of the warmest summers in years this year its just not the same.


People in Brazil are very direct and brutally honest which to be honest is present on both sides of my family- the Brazilian and Irish sides, so it wasn’t too much of a shock when I came here and everyone was telling it like it is. Brazilians are also very happy, welcoming people and are just amazed at the fact I’ve come all the way from Ireland a country they barely knew existed! The lifestyle here is way more simple, less materialistic and very down to earth which I absolutely love. Ireland has however more opportunities available for people with ambition, also education wise and there is a larger variation of cultures and communities. In Brazil it feels so nice to be embraced with open arms even by people you barely know, they will invite you into their homes for dinner or a chat and ask you to go places and on trips with them, and you know they genuinely only have your best interests at heart. In Ireland the only people who have treated me as such has been my very close family and friends. I haven’t felt isolated at all while being here as everyone has been so lovely and caring and inviting me to do stuff all the time! It’s been lovely being wanted.


Life here is very relaxed and laid back, it was a complete shock to my system coming here to be honest. Having to change my lifestyle completely, was so hard to adjust to especially because I did feel very dependent on my family at the start as I didn’t know the area or people well. Now I only have another two months here but I can’t wait until I can drive my car again on the other side of the road, order my local Chinese takeaway, see my friends and family and just be more independent. However, I have also learned some things that I will take home with me, that sometimes it’s good to slow things down for yourself and just appreciate life’s simplicity, that meal times with family are important (even though theres no way I could bare it every day, we would kill each other at home haha), and to just always be friendly and welcoming towards people. I definitely will be back to visit my family, I don’t know if I would ever permanently live in Brazil. I just know that for now I’m going back to Ireland and we shall see where I go from there!

All for now,

-Bri xo



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