A Curvy Girls Fashion Guide

Hey everyone, so I often get asked how I find clothes that suit me or how to shop for curvy girls so here we are with this blog post!

I am by no means an expert on fashion nor curvy girls fashion but I’m gonna tell you all  what I think anyways haha. 


When I was a size 6-8 I could literally wear whatever the hell I wanted and then I gained weight and got curvy. In the beginning it was horrible I felt shit about myself and it was a severe difficulty trying to find new styles that suited me. Finally after months of self loathing and deprecation, I decided I would no longer hate my body. And that’s when I made the ultimate discovery. CURVY GIRLS CAN ALSO WEAR WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT! 

I got used to my new body shape. When I was a 6-8 I would suck in, stick out my collar bones, and clench my stomach so it would be flat while wearing a bandage dress (true story). Now I know that I was being ridiculous. Today I just get the bandage dress that sinches me in at the waist to show off my curves and breathe normally like a human instead of a wannabe starving model!


I definitely think a curvy girl should know her body type and know what parts she wants to accentuate with the clothing she wears. There are a few tricks however for when you do know what you wanna show off! My favourite part about my body is my waist.


High waisted jeans are the only jeans I own, I detest low rise jeans on me.


If I wear a dress and it’s long or flowy I get a belt to bring it in on my waist to show some shape, rather than looking like a brick.


You might not be able to tell but I put a belt around the waist of the dress above because it was extremely long on me and loose.

High waisted skirts and shorts are also things that I love. You can pair all high waisted skirts, shorts and jeans with any type of top, especially a crop top. If you’re not comfortable wearing a crop top you can always put a plain t shirt underneath the top.


The secret to high waisted clothing is that you need to have it fit properly. If they are too tight around your tummy you’ll be uncomfortable and feel as if you have a muffin top. The clothing should be loose enough to move in but not too loose that you’ve got to keep pulling it up around you. 


This skirt has an elastic waist band and is the comfiest skirt I own! I got it in Zara last year.

With tops if you’re wearing a Tshirt and you feel the sleeves are awkward looking, get it altered or if it’s a casual Tshirt roll up the sleeves as it might be hitting you on the largest part of your arm unrolled, or even going past your elbow and may make your arms look bigger than they are. 


If you don’t like wearing tight tops or crop tops then buy looser tops but alter them to your measurements or when trying them on make sure they’re not too long on you or too wide. 


High front and Low back dresses and skirts can also be very flattering as they show off your legs and calves but cover the bootay so you’re not afraid to bend over to pick up anything.


If you’re wearing a long sleeved shift dress don’t be afraid to roll up the sleeves to 3/4 length or elbow length, if you have short arms this can make them look longer. I personally love a good fitting shift dress.


Also know what fabrics your wearing. A Velvet blazer can look fabulous on but a velvet dress might just cling to the wrong places and show off parts that you don’t want to show off.


Know what fabrics will work for you in clothing. I personally cannot wear the spandex type of bodycon material as I find it too thin and my underwear outline is visible from Mars 🤗

Anyways those are just a few of my tips! Hope they help out a little. Let me know if they do! The most important thing I think for people of any size wearing any outfit, is that if you’re confident and comfortable you will always look incredible.


-Bri xo

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