How To Survive A Long Ass Flight

How to survive a long ass flight you ask? Keep reading to see the answer.

Hello everybody so I’m gearing up to go home in 2 weeks and I have lots of feelings on it all the details over in this blog post How I Feel About Coming Home if you’re curious! BUT as I’m getting ready to come home I have to get my things in order. I’m a bit of a freak for organising things. And I do have another blog post on My Airplane Essentials which does come in handy for flying within Europe but I feel like long haul flights with a connection too is a whole different ball game to prepare for! 

In order to get home I’ll have a 13 hour bus journey, a 10 hour wait in an airport, a 12 hour flight, a 4 hour connection and then a final hour and a half flight. 

That is 40 hours and 30 minutes of travelling to get home NOT including the car ride home from the airport 😂 

This is why I’m mentally preparing myself now two weeks ahead and also preparing my bags! 


So I’ll pack 2 outfits layered clothing I’ll change once in the airport during the day before my 12 hour flight and a second time after, in another airport awaiting my second flight. I think comfy sweatpants, jeans and some basic tops should do the trick. Also comfy shoes or trainers. I’m also packing two jackets to layer incase it gets cold.


I then have a toiletry bag which is clear and I bought it in Penneys/Primark it came in a set. I like that its clear so I can see whats in it and not have to root around too much. Also for going through airport security it’s easy to take the liquids out and into the shitty airport plastic bags they make you use. If you wanna be super organised you can buy the airport sized plastic bags then separate your liquids into it then place that into the toiletry bag and just whip it out when you get to security so you don’t have to separate anything.

Toiletry bag contents:

My travel toothpaste and toothbrush and dental floss ESSENTIAL. I think I just won’t bother with makeup to be honest because my skin will just be under enough torture with all the travel but don’t quote me on that I might decide that I want to look like Kim K on her way to the met gala that day! So all makeup will be in the checked in luggage. I’ll bring my vitamin e eyepatches and cucumber dark circle remover anyways to have a little plane pamper time (both from Penneys/Primark cheap as chips). And moisturiser. And a face wipe pack of minis to feel like my face is clean as I won’t be able to bring my large bottle of toner which I usually use to feel less greasy. Four pairs of undies incase I piss myself I mean you never know what could happen. Compression socks cause I’m 85. I’m on the pill and that increases your chances of developing blood clots, and my feet will balloon after all of the changes in altitude and little movement so ya I bought some, go ahead and judge me. 😂 My glasses (literally feel like I’m 85). I also bring Aspirin or Paracetamol whatever you call it. Any medication Ill need for the duration of the journey. Deodorant, lip balm and 2 hair ties incase I lose one, hand sanitiser because germs and its best to try avoid them, also hand cream for my old lady hands which tend to get dry in high altitudes. You can also add in other bits you want obviously. I’m also taking a hair clip just cause you never know and one set of teeth whitening strips, why not sure.



Entertainment is also a must you cannot expect to survive a long haul trip without it. I couldn’t imagine going on a plane for 12 hours without anything to do but look at the seat in-front of you I would go mad. So I’m going to bring my laptop fully charged, a book (or kindle, mine broke on the way over here), a portable charger because I’m not just going on a 12 hour flight remember my journey is 40.5 hours long!!! an adapter is also needed incase your plug and the airport ones don’t match, I bring my diary nearly everywhere cause it amuses me. Also I’ll have my phone and headphones. I like to download playlists or albums on Spotify that are available offline which is handy when you’re in a plane and on airplane mode. You can also download movies or tv show episodes to watch when your offline from Netflix if you have an account and the App. 


Buy a large water bottle after you go through airport security, stay damn hydrated. Bags of snacks you can get from the airport shop or bring through some dry snack foods, like a protein bar, or chocolate bar or bag of crisps, or sandwich. Bring chewing gum or sucky sweets these are so good if your ears keep popping it can help them un pop or ease the pain also who doesn’t love sweets?!

Random but very useful bits:

Eyemask I love an eyemask for when you’re trying to sleep on a plane. Imagine getting stuck to some person who wants to read all night on the plane next to your seat and they leave their over head light on and you don’t have an eyemask to block out the light. Earbuds another beautiful invention to block out the plane noises, a baby crying or someone snoring loudly. Travel pillows are unreal the U shaped ones, they’re so comfy you can lean your head which ever way and your neck is supported. They are way better than squishing your cardigan together to make something to support your head for a few hours or the weird plastic pillows with the easy slip off pillow cases you get on airplanes.


Pro tip:

My main tip for surviving long trips is stay organised. It makes it so much easier when you know where everything you need is, what you’re going to need, and where you need to be and when. Don’t leave things until the last minute. Look at the organisation as you treating yourself extra well by ensuring everything is perfect and ready. Sure don’t you deserve the best and least stressful trip? DONT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT AND OTHER DOCUMENTS THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART 😂

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely journey if you’re going away on one!

-Bri xo



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