Note to self:

Other people’s words do not define your worth.

When I was 7 my ballet teacher called me too heavy for my age. So gave up ballet before our Christmas show. 

When I was 11 my aunt in Brazil said I was too skinny and boys like curvy girls. So I idolised what I thought were ‘curvy’ models in the Victoria’s Secret catalogues. 

When I was 16 girls in school said the food from living in America for two years made me overweight. So I stopped eating. 

When I was 17 I was told I was anorexic. So I smiled when a girl said I had a thigh gap.

When I was 18 I had stripped myself of any confidence or self worth. So I decided I couldn’t hate myself anymore based on other people’s opinions. I had started eating 3 meals a day and went from a size 6/8 – 14/16.

When I was 19 and drunk in a nightclub bathroom with my friend said I had gained weight but she had never seen me happier.

I am 21 and I have been called many things, spoiled, ugly, fat, big nosed, a bitch, cellulite covered, stretch marked, depression case, immature, attention seeker, psycho and weak. I have sat there in silence as people advised me on exercise and new diet trends or pills. I have starved myself and lived off strawberries and green tea for a week. I have binged and purged. I hated myself for so long until I decided no more. I hit rock bottom and dragged myself back up because I wanted to love myself and feel good and deserving of all of the things I want in life. So now I finally do.

People can be hurtful. Strangers, acquaintances, friends and even the ones closest to you, about your body, weight and the way you are. Do not let their opinions or words define your worth, how you feel about or view yourself. Sometimes we can also be our own worst enemies comparing ourselves to others. Tell that little voice in your head to shut up. Be kind to yourself.

You are you. Everyone is different and that is beautiful. Love yourself.

-Bri xo 

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