What I do to NOT feel shitty

We all have those days. The days where you just feel shit. Nothing is going your way. You’re worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. You’re stressed and unmotivated. We all have those days. 

Overtime I have learned what things help me to get out of that mood and that they also work for some other people. Firstly diet and exercise if your eating crappy food you feel worse its science. Even though the food may taste AMAZING at the time over time you will feel unhealthy, lethargic and uncomfortable. Exercise can change your mood completely, even if its 20 minutes on the treadmill. I literally walk away from my problems by getting on the treadmill, exercise releases endorphins which are scientifically proven to make you feel better. After 20 minutes of moderate exercise I feel better ALWAYS. 

Go outside. Go see a family member or friend. Go get a coffee or lunch by yourself and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Humans need contact with other humans. 

If you have enough contact with people and want to be alone to look after yourself do some self care. There are so many ways you can practice self care;Get out of bed, make yourself a nice breakfast, have a long shower or bath, do some face masks, get dressed up, or put on some makeup if you like, watch your favourite movie, play with your pet, go on the treadmill, blast music around the house and dance like a freak, write down your feelings and thoughts, there are so many options. 

I posted about this on my Instagram but I mean it…seriously. I was super inspired by Wentworth Miller after my friend Wellen told me about his speeches being very compelling but she was so right and in my post I basically just reiterated what he said but basically its this: Talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone you love. If you’re going through a hard time and you’re telling yourself all the negative things, just give yourself the advice you would give to someone you love if they were in your situation. We can all be our own worst enemies and we know that doesn’t do us and good, so try turn it around and be kind to yourself instead and watch yourself thrive. 

Another thing people do to feel less shitty is meditation now this doesn’t work for me unfortunately as I usually fall asleep, but if you’re interested I hear apps such as Headspace are really good. I do however love the book ‘The Secret’ and the movie too. I completely follow the Law of Attraction teachings so I use a lot of the affirmations and ways of thinking to get me out of my mood. I have a list of affirmations in my notes that I read out to reinforce my beliefs and give me a boost. Hand in hand with this goes visualisation, I like to plan ahead it makes me feel comfortable and like I have something to look forward to, so I do some visualising exercises, you can find so many on Youtube.

The last thing I can think of right now is planning a holiday, trip away, or event or get together so I have something to look forward to and that always makes me feel less shitty as I’m occupied. 

So to summarise things that make me feel less shitty are: exercise and eating well, human contact, treating myself like a queen with self care, being kind when talking to your mind, The Secret book and movie, planning something nice and overall being occupied. 

If you’re feeling down in the dumps do one of the above activities for yourself. Try turn things around! Look after yourself. You deserve the best and to be happy and you can achieve that all by yourself!

-Bri xo 

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