How To Survive Christmas With Your Family

Honestly this can be so difficult even for the perfect Brady bunch type of family.

Everyone is busy all year round and yes we make time and try to spend it together but Christmas is a whole different ball game. 1-2 weeks of non stop family time. It can be overwhelming. You can end up bickering with your favourite people or even resenting them for getting you a present you know THEY KNOW you don’t like. So here is how to survive Christmas with your family:

If the kids are driving you up the walls and you just want some quiet time put on some christmas movies to entertain them and give them some sort of treat to munch on or tell them to go play with their new toys.

If the fam is driving you crazy, politely excuse yourself to the loo or out for some air and take five minutes to yourself, have a fag if you smoke, text or call your bestie, just relax for 5 mins. If you drink grab a glass of wine or champagne or something alcoholic to settle your nerves and again just relax. Turn up the Christmas music and sing along.

If someone makes a backhanded remark or says something rude just take a deep breath, for them to say something in that nature clearly indicates there’s something wrong with them not you. This can often happen at family gatherings. I suggest you refer to this section of clap backs:

Also play some board games with the family to lighten the mood if everything is a bit dull and have some fun. In our house Cards against humanity is a Christmas Tradition and by that I mean we have played it the past two years and my granny always comes out with the funniest filthiest lines.

So if you’re a Grinch and hate Christmas that’s totally cool to each their own I hope this helps you survive this period of claustrophobic family time. If you love your family and never argue at all you deserve a reality tv show up there rivalling the Kardashians. Either way try enjoy some little moments with your family even if they drive you mad, love them anyway and appreciate their presence!

-Bri xo

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