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Last week I attended my friend Claire’s event in Dublin. I met Claire (Clur) at Trinity Freshers week on a night out and she was just such a nice girl and then we became Instagram pals. We started our own Instagram pages around the same time which was really cool because its nice to have someone you know doing something different just like you are – even if our niches are different – Claire’s is food, wellness and mental health and me well I’m all over the place really, just like my personality. 

This is her page look how cool she is!

Claire being the amazing lady she is balancing final year of college studying Occupational Therapy, a job, an  Instagram account, and many extra activities, decided to hold an event called “Find Your Passion”. The event would allow Claire and her guest speakers who have different passions and backgrounds to share their story on their passions and interact with the people who attended, but also so much more than that. 

To best explain the Find Your Passion event I have Claire’s own words to describe how she came up with the event:

“I came up with the idea of this event because about a year and a half ago, I really had a moment where I just stopped and had a proper look at my life. Yes I was happy enough but  I had a real lack of purpose. I was going out with my friends drinking during the week along with attending college half-arsed and then just working on the weekends. I just felt really lost. So I began myself to try and find things that made me happy and really allowed me to just get lost in the moment when I was doing these things. I decided to give up drink as I really felt that that was having a negative impact on my life. Along with the drink I began to make other significant changes in my life.Through finding new things that gave me enjoyment and meeting new people who also shared a passion for these things, it really made me feel more grounded and stable. I no longer felt so lost and purposeless. So essentially that is why I decided to create find your passion event. I really experienced the stability that can be experienced when you begin to discover your passions in life. I know that the age of 20-26 can be really difficult for a lot of people in terms of knowing what they are doing with there life. It is a really difficult transitioning age, where there is an expectation but on people to be able to know what they want to do with there lives. I always think it helps to learn that , there are others in the exact same situation as it help you feel less alone.”


I arrived and a surge of nerves just came over me mostly because of walking in late and I hate being late for anything. Also I was out of my comfort zone for sure that was the first time I had ever attended an event by myself. I am able to do so many other things by myself like travel, go shopping and out for food because I know that won’t require much social interaction. But knowing I’d be in a room full of strangers and have to force myself out of my comfort zone for sure made me nervous but it was so worth it. It was worth it because everyone was honestly so nice. Everyone had a positive outlook and attitude and were much more open than what I was used to interacting with and it was honestly just a breath of fresh air being around people like that.

We got into groups of four and had a speed dating type of set up where two guest speakers would come to each group for a few minutes and just chat about their passions you could ask loads of questions or just find out what stuff you all had in common. Claire also printed off lists of questions that we could ask each other if we were stuck for conversation because lets face it its not always easy talking to a complete stranger. It was so interesting talking to people and the questions really helped because everyone had different stories and things to say.

I personally learned a lot and heard a lot about new topics that totally sparked my interest that I would have never ever thought of. I definitely want to try out some of the concepts and activities that speakers at the event do such as sustainable fashion, yoga, and a ballet class. One of the speakers had even climbed Mount Everest like how insanely amazing is that?! Just one of the many inspiring people there!  

Overall the event was an absolute success and I can’t wait for the next one because its such a great opportunity for people to learn about something new gain a new interest and even find their passion in life. 

The last two questions I asked Claire were when will the next one be and what was her fave part about it all and this is her response: 

“Yes I am going to have another one in February, but no date on it right now.
My fave thing about the event was at the end when there was spot prizes given to five people that were able to stand up and say one ‘Passion’ that they were going to pursue after  attending the find your passion event. I was literally close to tears when I seen how much positivity was in the room. Nothing makes me happier than when people encourage other people to pursue something that they have a passion for. When a girl named Gena (@kennyg142) stood up and said that she had been studying Physio and then went on to do Accounting but still wasn’t 100% sure what she wanted to do. She talked about how she had a passion for yoga, and at the event there was two pilates teachers, a yoga teacher and a strength and movement coach, with whom she got to chat. They told her how it was hard to establish yourself in that field, but how all the hard work was worth when you become able to make a living from something you love.  She stood up at the end and spoke about how she was going to pursue her passion of yoga and become a yoga teacher and then days later I seen on her instagram that she was looking at booking a yoga teacher training course. That for me was just one of the highlights of doing the whole event. It’s just ridiculous how much you can get from just meeting others who have done something that you aspire to do. As hearing first hand from someone can just make the idea of pursuing it so much easier.”

Claire you’re a legend honestly well done on finding yo passion! 

Here are some of the amazing other people who were involved with the event definitely worth a creep on Instagram and a follow!

@chwellness_ @ornagh_morechalk @karenfennell_ @joannaevelynb @samanthaleedoyle_yoga @poweredpink @pilates_and_music @theintegrativecoach @ka5ia @findyopassion_ @dublinhealthnut @hollydavage @eatgreenshopless @hungryhollydiaries @johnchristophercarney @max_cody @sammysueslater

Hope you enjoyed this post and to see you at the next event 

-Bri xo 

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