January Obsessions

Hey guys! Has this month been the longest ever or is it just me? It honestly feels like it lasted a whole year. Finally were at the end Jan 31st woohooo!

I feel like I’ve gotten into so many new things this month and it’s such a great way to start off a new year with new and exciting things.

So I bought some crystals in Angel Times in Limerick. Spirituality and crystals and card readings aren’t for everyone but I personally love it and find it so intriguing. Crystals are known to have different meanings attached to each type of crystal and they’re aesthetically pleasing. Also I find them so calming to use when meditating.

I love Podcasting. So I started the year by going on The Mentality Podcast and I loved it. It’s strangely calming opening up about your experiences and normalising conversations about mental health etc. Its something I love to see done and was delighted to be a part of. I also started my own Podcast- The Confidence Cast with Reece my close friend and I am really enjoying it, its lovely to sit down and just have like an organic normal chat with the phones put away (very rare these days).

Revive Active Supplements- Okay so recently I had viral pneumonia, currently on the tail end of it. I honestly think these supplements have helped me build up my immune system so much. I have noticed a huge improvement in the past few days and would love to keep taking them to stay healthy. The price of 7 sachets was 19 euro about that I think which is expensive in my opinion. So unless I find it for a cheaper price my shitty immune system may just go purchase some Berocca Boosts instead (TB to my leaving cert days). Don’t be fooled by the promise on the Revive box for the taste of mangoes and oranges, when mixed with water it tastes like dirt and mixed with juice it is more tolerable but overall, yuck.

Okay the next thing is sustainable fashion and everyone might think omggg she’s banging on about sustainable fashion now only because its becoming a known thing. NO. False. I have wanted to be more sustainable with my fashion for a long time but the charity and vintage stores in Limerick City are poor choice wise or out of my price range. I recently did a big clear out and donated my old clothing that just doesn’t fit me anymore but is re wearable to charity. Ladies of Limerick I suggest you go to SVP if you’re looking for some barely worn Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo clothing. So now I basically have what I call my essentials. I don’t think I need to buy any more clothes honestly I have enough that I can mix and match to create different outfits. Also I’ve unfollowed any fast fashion promoting accounts on Instagram so I won’t be tempted to run to Penneys and pick up something I’ll wear once and toss away. I just feel bad for the poor labour workers in the countries where the clothes for fast fashion companies are produced and their horrible working conditions. I don’t want to feed into it anymore so I’m choosing to shop in charity shops and vintage shops from now on when I do need to buy something. Before I buy something from now on I’m definitely more conscious of how much I will wear it, can I style it with other things, will it last me a long time quality wise? I would prefer to invest in one good piece that will be worn many times over paying the same for a pile of clothes that will be worn once then forgotten about. Also buying clothes in charity and vintage shops can be so cheap and affordable for example I bought a gorgeous little day dress in a charity shop for 6 euro that would cost triple the price in some other stores. I honestly just feel so satisfied knowing ill wear something more than once and didn’t pay loads of money for it or contribute to the poor working conditions of child labour in eastern countries. Do I know everything about sustainable fashion? Nope this is just what I know and what I choose to do with that knowledge and its not hurting anyone so theres that.

Painting my nails is a new obsession. I never used to give a damn about my nails or my odd hands. I recently started a night course learning how to do gel nails and I suppose a knock on effect of that is now I enjoy having my nails painted. Obsessed with my mermaid blue fingernails cause they so pretttty. Anyways I’ll end this blog post here seeing as I have now looked at my nails for too long and they have been hitting the keyboard on my laptop for quite some time. Just a bit of a random post to start of the year and give you some insight into what the longest month of the year consisted of for me!

Chat soon! -Bri xo

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