My Skincare Routine

I type this hesitantly as I don’t have an exact skin care routine I live by. I do however use a few bits in a certain order when I remember to look after my skin. I have combination skin I believe- I am no skin expert. I have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) but dry cheeks.

I don’t use primer when putting on makeup I feel like primer is a lie and a waste of money and I don’t use moisturiser either, I just throw the foundation straight on my face. At the end of the day after ripping off my false eyelashes I just wipe off my makeup with a Simple face wipe. After that I use my Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleanser with a come clean cloth from Penneys or Primark and some warm water.

After drying my face I use a Vitamin C toner that my mom bought for me in the US but any toner with Vitamin C would do the same job. It smells lovely and feels so refreshing i don’t put it on a cotton pad I put a few drops in my hand and rub it into my skin. Then I usually put on a moisturiser like the Clinique Oil free one or a No.7 Sensitive skin night cream but not a huge amount a little goes a long way.

I have massive horrendous dark circles under my eyes always as I don’t sleep very well and its genetic. I use the Mario Badescu Chamomile Eye Cream at night to attempt to diminish the dark circles appearance.

If my skin still feels dehydrated after all of this maybe due to hormones or lack of water or whatever I would just pop on a serum or facial oil from No.7 again its for sensitive skin and that gets soaked in over night.

In the morning I would just wash my face with some water and then use a witch hazel toner on a cotton pad and wipe away any oils on my face to matte it before makeup. Before doing makeup I spray the Mario Badescu Rosewater and herbs spray on my face as it mists onto your face and makes it feel hydrated without any oils and then I’m done.

I might use a No.7 microdermabrasion exfoliator scrub once a week and The Ordinary AHA BHA peel once every two weeks but not more than that just to remove dead skin cells.

Hope you enjoyed this post I get asked so frequently on Instagram what I use on my skin and I’ve been lazy to do this blog post as I’m no skin expert but this works well for me anyways! Chat soon xx -Bri

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