The Easiest Way to Book a Holiday

Hey guys so I often get seriously puzzled by the methods some people use for booking a holiday. I’m such an organised person when it comes to this I thought I’d share some tips! This method works for island hopping or multiple destination trips but can also be used for just one stop holidays.

1. Decide when and for how long.

2. Make sure you have the time off work or are free from other commitments.

3. The best part is this: Decide where you want to go

4. Then decide where exactly – such as if you went to Greece would you be going to Athens, Santorini and Mykonos or all of those places?

5. Decide how long you’re gonna spend at the location/s 

6. Assuming you are going to fly to your destination- Book the flights -use to find the cheapest and fastest flight. Skyscanner compares a multitude of airlines and websites to find you the best deals available. I have used it 5 times now and never had any trouble!

Once you know where you’re going or want to go a simple google search will tell you where the nearest airport is. Then you can find an airport conveniently close to you to get you close to your destination.

7. If the nearest airport to your destination is far away still you may need a connecting flight- you can always book more flights or buses or boats- find out the easiest cheapest most convenient way to get to your next location. Write all the options down on a piece of paper with the prices next to them and the journey time including if it has stops or not. An example of this would be if you fly into Paris Beauvais you are still an hour and a bit away from the city of Paris and need to get a bus in order to get to the city.

8. Now find a place to stay! Accommodation I always find so easy to book- Airbnb, and Priceline are my go-to sites. Always look at the location of the accommodation on the map, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a nice apartment that’s in the mountains but still boasts a “sea view” when you thought you could walk to the beach not drive there! Also always look at peoples reviews. I usually have google maps open on my phone and search the distance of the hotel to whatever I want to be close to be it an attraction, the beach or the city. When I went to Buenos Aires this was really handy as we stayed right in the city centre close to tourist spots and it had everything we wanted near by.

9. Now you have to figure out what exactly to do there! If you’re going to Lanzarote you most likely just want to sun worship by the pool and on the beach. If you are going somewhere bigger with lots of things to do I advise using trip advisor to do some extra research on the place. If you go into Pinterest and type in the name of the place you’re going to many blog posts by people that have visited the location will pop up to give you recommendations. Finally compile a list of things you want to do, see, visit or experience, from what you have learned through your research or what you’ve heard of as being good.

10. As I said in the beginning I am very organised. On any trip I go on my family or friends get an itinerary. I think it’s an essential to have all your documents boarding passes reservation information all together I keep it all in a plastic folder when travelling just so it doesn’t get jumbled up in a bag or lost. The way I form a trip itinerary is beginning with baggage allowance and details per person travelling, flight details for where you’re leaving from, then I include hotel details and what transport is needed to arrive there. I usually include rough plans of when and what you want to see on which day. Again with the help of google maps I check what attractions are close to each other to make life easier than zig zagging all over the place. You can have your whole trip worked out on an itinerary and its honestly so much easier than it sounds and keeps you so organised. I literally just copy and paste details after booking them onto a Microsoft Word Document or Excel Spreadsheet.

I personally never include restaurants on the itinerary as I usually like to find places as I come across them. I’m not too fussy but if you are its best to find some reviews for restaurants in the area near where you will be on certain days. Your itinerary can be basic or detailed its all up to you but I do think sometimes its better to be organised. Also if you are travelling with a group or your family instead of answering the same questions over and over again and having to remember all of the details you can give them all a copy of the itinerary so everyone knows what’s going on!

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps on your future travels!

– Bri xo


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