January Obsessions

Hey guys! Has this month been the longest ever or is it just me? It honestly feels like it lasted a whole year. Finally were at the end Jan 31st woohooo!

I feel like I’ve gotten into so many new things this month and it’s such a great way to start off a new year with new and exciting things.

So I bought some crystals in Angel Times in Limerick. Spirituality and crystals and card readings aren’t for everyone but I personally love it and find it so intriguing. Crystals are known to have different meanings attached to each type of crystal and they’re aesthetically pleasing. Also I find them so calming to use when meditating.

I love Podcasting. So I started the year by going on The Mentality Podcast and I loved it. It’s strangely calming opening up about your experiences and normalising conversations about mental health etc. Its something I love to see done and was delighted to be a part of. I also started my own Podcast- The Confidence Cast with Reece my close friend and I am really enjoying it, its lovely to sit down and just have like an organic normal chat with the phones put away (very rare these days).

Revive Active Supplements- Okay so recently I had viral pneumonia, currently on the tail end of it. I honestly think these supplements have helped me build up my immune system so much. I have noticed a huge improvement in the past few days and would love to keep taking them to stay healthy. The price of 7 sachets was 19 euro about that I think which is expensive in my opinion. So unless I find it for a cheaper price my shitty immune system may just go purchase some Berocca Boosts instead (TB to my leaving cert days). Don’t be fooled by the promise on the Revive box for the taste of mangoes and oranges, when mixed with water it tastes like dirt and mixed with juice it is more tolerable but overall, yuck.

Okay the next thing is sustainable fashion and everyone might think omggg she’s banging on about sustainable fashion now only because its becoming a known thing. NO. False. I have wanted to be more sustainable with my fashion for a long time but the charity and vintage stores in Limerick City are poor choice wise or out of my price range. I recently did a big clear out and donated my old clothing that just doesn’t fit me anymore but is re wearable to charity. Ladies of Limerick I suggest you go to SVP if you’re looking for some barely worn Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo clothing. So now I basically have what I call my essentials. I don’t think I need to buy any more clothes honestly I have enough that I can mix and match to create different outfits. Also I’ve unfollowed any fast fashion promoting accounts on Instagram so I won’t be tempted to run to Penneys and pick up something I’ll wear once and toss away. I just feel bad for the poor labour workers in the countries where the clothes for fast fashion companies are produced and their horrible working conditions. I don’t want to feed into it anymore so I’m choosing to shop in charity shops and vintage shops from now on when I do need to buy something. Before I buy something from now on I’m definitely more conscious of how much I will wear it, can I style it with other things, will it last me a long time quality wise? I would prefer to invest in one good piece that will be worn many times over paying the same for a pile of clothes that will be worn once then forgotten about. Also buying clothes in charity and vintage shops can be so cheap and affordable for example I bought a gorgeous little day dress in a charity shop for 6 euro that would cost triple the price in some other stores. I honestly just feel so satisfied knowing ill wear something more than once and didn’t pay loads of money for it or contribute to the poor working conditions of child labour in eastern countries. Do I know everything about sustainable fashion? Nope this is just what I know and what I choose to do with that knowledge and its not hurting anyone so theres that.

Painting my nails is a new obsession. I never used to give a damn about my nails or my odd hands. I recently started a night course learning how to do gel nails and I suppose a knock on effect of that is now I enjoy having my nails painted. Obsessed with my mermaid blue fingernails cause they so pretttty. Anyways I’ll end this blog post here seeing as I have now looked at my nails for too long and they have been hitting the keyboard on my laptop for quite some time. Just a bit of a random post to start of the year and give you some insight into what the longest month of the year consisted of for me!

Chat soon! -Bri xo

New Year New Me

With New Years quickly approaching one cant help but feel nostalgic on the year that has just gone by. Personally I couldn’t be happier that it’s over. 2018 was a hard year for many people. I experienced loss in different forms, losing friends, family members passing, losing my mind at times and even my sense of self. Things got tough I had to get real with myself about the life I was living just being negative and who I was surrounded by were bad for me and leave those situations to better myself and my life. I have definitely changed in the last 6 months and I’m so happy about it. I think going to Brazil for 4 months really put things in perspective for me. I must say the only good thing to come out of the first half of 2018 was me starting my blog throwing myself into that and work, going solo and going to Brazil. The second half from the end of July onwards has been amazing. Again Brazil just changed things for me something clicked and I realised I didn’t want to be the way I was before I left or living how I was, I just needed a change and a fresh start a new way of looking at things to actually bring me hope. Since then so many great things have happened. I do think a lot of it had to do with a change in lifestyle especially cutting out alcohol significantly and being more honest with my family that has made a huge difference. I honestly feel like everything has changed in the last 6 months but for the absolute better and it makes me so excited and hopeful for the year ahead! So I am saying goodbye to 2018, the first half was shit, thank you for the lessons and blessings, but let’s smash 2019.

To summarise:


-Bri xo

Find Yo Passion

Last week I attended my friend Claire’s event in Dublin. I met Claire (Clur) at Trinity Freshers week on a night out and she was just such a nice girl and then we became Instagram pals. We started our own Instagram pages around the same time which was really cool because its nice to have someone you know doing something different just like you are – even if our niches are different – Claire’s is food, wellness and mental health and me well I’m all over the place really, just like my personality. 

This is her page look how cool she is!

Claire being the amazing lady she is balancing final year of college studying Occupational Therapy, a job, an  Instagram account, and many extra activities, decided to hold an event called “Find Your Passion”. The event would allow Claire and her guest speakers who have different passions and backgrounds to share their story on their passions and interact with the people who attended, but also so much more than that. 

To best explain the Find Your Passion event I have Claire’s own words to describe how she came up with the event:

“I came up with the idea of this event because about a year and a half ago, I really had a moment where I just stopped and had a proper look at my life. Yes I was happy enough but  I had a real lack of purpose. I was going out with my friends drinking during the week along with attending college half-arsed and then just working on the weekends. I just felt really lost. So I began myself to try and find things that made me happy and really allowed me to just get lost in the moment when I was doing these things. I decided to give up drink as I really felt that that was having a negative impact on my life. Along with the drink I began to make other significant changes in my life.Through finding new things that gave me enjoyment and meeting new people who also shared a passion for these things, it really made me feel more grounded and stable. I no longer felt so lost and purposeless. So essentially that is why I decided to create find your passion event. I really experienced the stability that can be experienced when you begin to discover your passions in life. I know that the age of 20-26 can be really difficult for a lot of people in terms of knowing what they are doing with there life. It is a really difficult transitioning age, where there is an expectation but on people to be able to know what they want to do with there lives. I always think it helps to learn that , there are others in the exact same situation as it help you feel less alone.”


I arrived and a surge of nerves just came over me mostly because of walking in late and I hate being late for anything. Also I was out of my comfort zone for sure that was the first time I had ever attended an event by myself. I am able to do so many other things by myself like travel, go shopping and out for food because I know that won’t require much social interaction. But knowing I’d be in a room full of strangers and have to force myself out of my comfort zone for sure made me nervous but it was so worth it. It was worth it because everyone was honestly so nice. Everyone had a positive outlook and attitude and were much more open than what I was used to interacting with and it was honestly just a breath of fresh air being around people like that.

We got into groups of four and had a speed dating type of set up where two guest speakers would come to each group for a few minutes and just chat about their passions you could ask loads of questions or just find out what stuff you all had in common. Claire also printed off lists of questions that we could ask each other if we were stuck for conversation because lets face it its not always easy talking to a complete stranger. It was so interesting talking to people and the questions really helped because everyone had different stories and things to say.

I personally learned a lot and heard a lot about new topics that totally sparked my interest that I would have never ever thought of. I definitely want to try out some of the concepts and activities that speakers at the event do such as sustainable fashion, yoga, and a ballet class. One of the speakers had even climbed Mount Everest like how insanely amazing is that?! Just one of the many inspiring people there!  

Overall the event was an absolute success and I can’t wait for the next one because its such a great opportunity for people to learn about something new gain a new interest and even find their passion in life. 

The last two questions I asked Claire were when will the next one be and what was her fave part about it all and this is her response: 

“Yes I am going to have another one in February, but no date on it right now.
My fave thing about the event was at the end when there was spot prizes given to five people that were able to stand up and say one ‘Passion’ that they were going to pursue after  attending the find your passion event. I was literally close to tears when I seen how much positivity was in the room. Nothing makes me happier than when people encourage other people to pursue something that they have a passion for. When a girl named Gena (@kennyg142) stood up and said that she had been studying Physio and then went on to do Accounting but still wasn’t 100% sure what she wanted to do. She talked about how she had a passion for yoga, and at the event there was two pilates teachers, a yoga teacher and a strength and movement coach, with whom she got to chat. They told her how it was hard to establish yourself in that field, but how all the hard work was worth when you become able to make a living from something you love.  She stood up at the end and spoke about how she was going to pursue her passion of yoga and become a yoga teacher and then days later I seen on her instagram that she was looking at booking a yoga teacher training course. That for me was just one of the highlights of doing the whole event. It’s just ridiculous how much you can get from just meeting others who have done something that you aspire to do. As hearing first hand from someone can just make the idea of pursuing it so much easier.”

Claire you’re a legend honestly well done on finding yo passion! 

Here are some of the amazing other people who were involved with the event definitely worth a creep on Instagram and a follow!

@chwellness_ @ornagh_morechalk @karenfennell_ @joannaevelynb @samanthaleedoyle_yoga @poweredpink @pilates_and_music @theintegrativecoach @ka5ia @findyopassion_ @dublinhealthnut @hollydavage @eatgreenshopless @hungryhollydiaries @johnchristophercarney @max_cody @sammysueslater

Hope you enjoyed this post and to see you at the next event 

-Bri xo 

How To Survive Christmas With Your Family

Honestly this can be so difficult even for the perfect Brady bunch type of family.

Everyone is busy all year round and yes we make time and try to spend it together but Christmas is a whole different ball game. 1-2 weeks of non stop family time. It can be overwhelming. You can end up bickering with your favourite people or even resenting them for getting you a present you know THEY KNOW you don’t like. So here is how to survive Christmas with your family:

If the kids are driving you up the walls and you just want some quiet time put on some christmas movies to entertain them and give them some sort of treat to munch on or tell them to go play with their new toys.

If the fam is driving you crazy, politely excuse yourself to the loo or out for some air and take five minutes to yourself, have a fag if you smoke, text or call your bestie, just relax for 5 mins. If you drink grab a glass of wine or champagne or something alcoholic to settle your nerves and again just relax. Turn up the Christmas music and sing along.

If someone makes a backhanded remark or says something rude just take a deep breath, for them to say something in that nature clearly indicates there’s something wrong with them not you. This can often happen at family gatherings. I suggest you refer to this section of clap backs:

Also play some board games with the family to lighten the mood if everything is a bit dull and have some fun. In our house Cards against humanity is a Christmas Tradition and by that I mean we have played it the past two years and my granny always comes out with the funniest filthiest lines.

So if you’re a Grinch and hate Christmas that’s totally cool to each their own I hope this helps you survive this period of claustrophobic family time. If you love your family and never argue at all you deserve a reality tv show up there rivalling the Kardashians. Either way try enjoy some little moments with your family even if they drive you mad, love them anyway and appreciate their presence!

-Bri xo

What I do to NOT feel shitty

We all have those days. The days where you just feel shit. Nothing is going your way. You’re worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. You’re stressed and unmotivated. We all have those days. 

Overtime I have learned what things help me to get out of that mood and that they also work for some other people. Firstly diet and exercise if your eating crappy food you feel worse its science. Even though the food may taste AMAZING at the time over time you will feel unhealthy, lethargic and uncomfortable. Exercise can change your mood completely, even if its 20 minutes on the treadmill. I literally walk away from my problems by getting on the treadmill, exercise releases endorphins which are scientifically proven to make you feel better. After 20 minutes of moderate exercise I feel better ALWAYS. 

Go outside. Go see a family member or friend. Go get a coffee or lunch by yourself and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Humans need contact with other humans. 

If you have enough contact with people and want to be alone to look after yourself do some self care. There are so many ways you can practice self care;Get out of bed, make yourself a nice breakfast, have a long shower or bath, do some face masks, get dressed up, or put on some makeup if you like, watch your favourite movie, play with your pet, go on the treadmill, blast music around the house and dance like a freak, write down your feelings and thoughts, there are so many options. 

I posted about this on my Instagram but I mean it…seriously. I was super inspired by Wentworth Miller after my friend Wellen told me about his speeches being very compelling but she was so right and in my post I basically just reiterated what he said but basically its this: Talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone you love. If you’re going through a hard time and you’re telling yourself all the negative things, just give yourself the advice you would give to someone you love if they were in your situation. We can all be our own worst enemies and we know that doesn’t do us and good, so try turn it around and be kind to yourself instead and watch yourself thrive. 

Another thing people do to feel less shitty is meditation now this doesn’t work for me unfortunately as I usually fall asleep, but if you’re interested I hear apps such as Headspace are really good. I do however love the book ‘The Secret’ and the movie too. I completely follow the Law of Attraction teachings so I use a lot of the affirmations and ways of thinking to get me out of my mood. I have a list of affirmations in my notes that I read out to reinforce my beliefs and give me a boost. Hand in hand with this goes visualisation, I like to plan ahead it makes me feel comfortable and like I have something to look forward to, so I do some visualising exercises, you can find so many on Youtube.

The last thing I can think of right now is planning a holiday, trip away, or event or get together so I have something to look forward to and that always makes me feel less shitty as I’m occupied. 

So to summarise things that make me feel less shitty are: exercise and eating well, human contact, treating myself like a queen with self care, being kind when talking to your mind, The Secret book and movie, planning something nice and overall being occupied. 

If you’re feeling down in the dumps do one of the above activities for yourself. Try turn things around! Look after yourself. You deserve the best and to be happy and you can achieve that all by yourself!

-Bri xo 

Note to self:

Other people’s words do not define your worth.

When I was 7 my ballet teacher called me too heavy for my age. So gave up ballet before our Christmas show. 

When I was 11 my aunt in Brazil said I was too skinny and boys like curvy girls. So I idolised what I thought were ‘curvy’ models in the Victoria’s Secret catalogues. 

When I was 16 girls in school said the food from living in America for two years made me overweight. So I stopped eating. 

When I was 17 I was told I was anorexic. So I smiled when a girl said I had a thigh gap.

When I was 18 I had stripped myself of any confidence or self worth. So I decided I couldn’t hate myself anymore based on other people’s opinions. I had started eating 3 meals a day and went from a size 6/8 – 14/16.

When I was 19 and drunk in a nightclub bathroom with my friend said I had gained weight but she had never seen me happier.

I am 21 and I have been called many things, spoiled, ugly, fat, big nosed, a bitch, cellulite covered, stretch marked, depression case, immature, attention seeker, psycho and weak. I have sat there in silence as people advised me on exercise and new diet trends or pills. I have starved myself and lived off strawberries and green tea for a week. I have binged and purged. I hated myself for so long until I decided no more. I hit rock bottom and dragged myself back up because I wanted to love myself and feel good and deserving of all of the things I want in life. So now I finally do.

People can be hurtful. Strangers, acquaintances, friends and even the ones closest to you, about your body, weight and the way you are. Do not let their opinions or words define your worth, how you feel about or view yourself. Sometimes we can also be our own worst enemies comparing ourselves to others. Tell that little voice in your head to shut up. Be kind to yourself.

You are you. Everyone is different and that is beautiful. Love yourself.

-Bri xo 

What You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

As some of you may know my day to day job includes running my own business Beauty By Bri B. I provide clients with services such as eyelash extensions, brow styling, hair and makeup. I get so many questions about eyelash extensions and just thought it would be handy for anyone interested in getting them to know more about them.

Beauty by Bri B logo

Here are my most frequently asked questions:

What are eyelash extensions? They are synthetic or mink hair individual eyelashes applied individually to one of your own natural eyelashes.

What are volume eyelash extensions? It is when you apply more than one eyelash extension to a natural eyelash giving the eyelashes a fuller more voluminous look.

How long do they take? Every eyelash stylist takes different lengths of time but commonly 1-2 hours. I take usually 1 and a half hours to do a full set of classic eyelash extensions (which is the one eyelash extension to one natural eyelash, 1:1)

Whats the difference between a half set of eyelash extensions and a full set? A half set is when an eyelash extension is applied to every other natural eyelash. The end result is that the lashes aren’t as full looking as a full set of classic eyelashes.

Do you have to keep your eyes closed the entire time? Yes. The glue used to bond the eyelash extension to your natural eyelash is very strong and can really irritate and even damage your eyes if kept open.

Why do I have to keep my eyelashes dry and avoid water coming into contact with them just after getting them done? It takes 24 hours for the glue that bonded your extensions to be 100% dry. If the glue comes in contact with water it can cause eyelash extensions to fall off or bond together in clumps.

Is it normal for a few eyelash extensions to fall out after a few days? Yes it is normal.

Lash Shedding

Do they damage your own natural eyelashes? No they don’t. If they are applied properly and you follow your aftercare properly.

What is the aftercare? 

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Sheet

Can I use mascara with eyelash extensions? Yes. BUT NO WATERPROOF MASCARA. Properties in waterproof mascara will dissolve the bonds of the glue causing the eyelash extensions to fall off. Also when taking off your mascara use a non oil based product.

Can I do eyelash extensions on myself? No. They have to be professionally applied. Do

I have to fill out any forms? It completely depends on your eyelash stylist and their business policies.

Do I need to do anything before my eyelash appointment? No. It is advised you come in with no eye makeup on as this saves your eyelash stylist time from having to do it for you. You could also cleanse your eyelashes to ensure there is no product at all on them.

How do you cleanse your eyelashes? 

Lash Cleansing

 Why should you get eyelash extensions? So many reasons!! No more need for mascara, they open up your eyes, saves you time doing makeup, they’re waterproof after they are dry, they feel like your own eyelashes, its a painless treatment, its a relaxing treatment (a lot of my clients take lash naps), theres lots of different looks and styles to choose from, they can last up to 6 weeks, they make a huge difference to your eyelashes making them look longer thicker and darker.


I hope you found this helpful if you are considering getting eyelash extensions. They really are worth getting! If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to drop a comment below or send me a message. Also I am taking appointments for eyelash extensions if you wish to find out more you can visit my business Instagram page @beautybybrib or Facebook page Beauty By Bri B.

-Bri xo



Jackets and Coats and Boots, Boohoo!

First of all the title of this blog post came to me while watching The Wizard of Oz. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”. I have decided to compile a post full of autumnal clothing once again but this time limiting it to jackets, coats and boots. I honestly want everything in this post. There are so many versatile pieces that you could wear with different things and make up different outfits with. I love playing around with prints and colours at this time of year and you can do all of that with the stuff below, get creative with your outfits! I’ve left links for each item below their respective pictures and their price next to it. Everything is from Boohoo.com as I love their stuff and they can be so affordable in comparison to other brands.

Coats & Jackets:

Stone Waterfall Coat €21

A basic coat but so needed.


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.44.05

Crop Faux Fur Flying Jacket €64

How could you not feel anything but cool wearing something like this?


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.47.08

Quilted Jacket €37

My exact thought when I saw this OOOOOH THAT LOOKS COMFY

Red Tailored Twill Coat €54

Yes all of the edgy 90’s vibes from pic number 2 and its RED


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.50.39

Check Wool Coat €43

Oh yes very classy can be dressed up or worn casually, a staple really.


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.52.26

Faux Fur Leopard Print €43

I have a coat identical to this and I feel absolutely fabulous wearing it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.55.46

Green Longline Tailored Wool Coat €48

Oh Okurrrr I see you beautiful emerald green colour.


Teddy Faux Fur Trucker Jacket €59

Okay, need. This is way better than the plain teddy bear faux fur jackets, I think because of the detail with the zipper and pockets. But just incase I’m wrong get this one and a plain one too.



(I personally am crap at walking in thin stiletto heels for more than 2 hours so I included more block heels for my fellow girlies that understand the struggle!)

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.07.40

Snake Effect Sock Boots €37


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.09.32

Studded Strap Ankle Boots €34


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.16.37

Red Snake Block Heel Boots €34


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.18.02

Hot Pink Sock Boots €37


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.25.39

White Boots €34


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.20.14

Red Shiny Flare Heel Chelsea Boots  €30


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.25.06

Green Croc Boots €34


All I can say about the shoes is I want them all. I have Carrie Bradshaws disease, the only treatment is shoe shopping.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and got some fashion inspo and maybe even added a few items to your cart! Let me know if you would like to see more fashion related posts.

-Bri xo

How To Survive A Long Ass Flight

How to survive a long ass flight you ask? Keep reading to see the answer.

Hello everybody so I’m gearing up to go home in 2 weeks and I have lots of feelings on it all the details over in this blog post How I Feel About Coming Home if you’re curious! BUT as I’m getting ready to come home I have to get my things in order. I’m a bit of a freak for organising things. And I do have another blog post on My Airplane Essentials which does come in handy for flying within Europe but I feel like long haul flights with a connection too is a whole different ball game to prepare for! 

In order to get home I’ll have a 13 hour bus journey, a 10 hour wait in an airport, a 12 hour flight, a 4 hour connection and then a final hour and a half flight. 

That is 40 hours and 30 minutes of travelling to get home NOT including the car ride home from the airport 😂 

This is why I’m mentally preparing myself now two weeks ahead and also preparing my bags! 


So I’ll pack 2 outfits layered clothing I’ll change once in the airport during the day before my 12 hour flight and a second time after, in another airport awaiting my second flight. I think comfy sweatpants, jeans and some basic tops should do the trick. Also comfy shoes or trainers. I’m also packing two jackets to layer incase it gets cold.


I then have a toiletry bag which is clear and I bought it in Penneys/Primark it came in a set. I like that its clear so I can see whats in it and not have to root around too much. Also for going through airport security it’s easy to take the liquids out and into the shitty airport plastic bags they make you use. If you wanna be super organised you can buy the airport sized plastic bags then separate your liquids into it then place that into the toiletry bag and just whip it out when you get to security so you don’t have to separate anything.

Toiletry bag contents:

My travel toothpaste and toothbrush and dental floss ESSENTIAL. I think I just won’t bother with makeup to be honest because my skin will just be under enough torture with all the travel but don’t quote me on that I might decide that I want to look like Kim K on her way to the met gala that day! So all makeup will be in the checked in luggage. I’ll bring my vitamin e eyepatches and cucumber dark circle remover anyways to have a little plane pamper time (both from Penneys/Primark cheap as chips). And moisturiser. And a face wipe pack of minis to feel like my face is clean as I won’t be able to bring my large bottle of toner which I usually use to feel less greasy. Four pairs of undies incase I piss myself I mean you never know what could happen. Compression socks cause I’m 85. I’m on the pill and that increases your chances of developing blood clots, and my feet will balloon after all of the changes in altitude and little movement so ya I bought some, go ahead and judge me. 😂 My glasses (literally feel like I’m 85). I also bring Aspirin or Paracetamol whatever you call it. Any medication Ill need for the duration of the journey. Deodorant, lip balm and 2 hair ties incase I lose one, hand sanitiser because germs and its best to try avoid them, also hand cream for my old lady hands which tend to get dry in high altitudes. You can also add in other bits you want obviously. I’m also taking a hair clip just cause you never know and one set of teeth whitening strips, why not sure.



Entertainment is also a must you cannot expect to survive a long haul trip without it. I couldn’t imagine going on a plane for 12 hours without anything to do but look at the seat in-front of you I would go mad. So I’m going to bring my laptop fully charged, a book (or kindle, mine broke on the way over here), a portable charger because I’m not just going on a 12 hour flight remember my journey is 40.5 hours long!!! an adapter is also needed incase your plug and the airport ones don’t match, I bring my diary nearly everywhere cause it amuses me. Also I’ll have my phone and headphones. I like to download playlists or albums on Spotify that are available offline which is handy when you’re in a plane and on airplane mode. You can also download movies or tv show episodes to watch when your offline from Netflix if you have an account and the App. 


Buy a large water bottle after you go through airport security, stay damn hydrated. Bags of snacks you can get from the airport shop or bring through some dry snack foods, like a protein bar, or chocolate bar or bag of crisps, or sandwich. Bring chewing gum or sucky sweets these are so good if your ears keep popping it can help them un pop or ease the pain also who doesn’t love sweets?!

Random but very useful bits:

Eyemask I love an eyemask for when you’re trying to sleep on a plane. Imagine getting stuck to some person who wants to read all night on the plane next to your seat and they leave their over head light on and you don’t have an eyemask to block out the light. Earbuds another beautiful invention to block out the plane noises, a baby crying or someone snoring loudly. Travel pillows are unreal the U shaped ones, they’re so comfy you can lean your head which ever way and your neck is supported. They are way better than squishing your cardigan together to make something to support your head for a few hours or the weird plastic pillows with the easy slip off pillow cases you get on airplanes.


Pro tip:

My main tip for surviving long trips is stay organised. It makes it so much easier when you know where everything you need is, what you’re going to need, and where you need to be and when. Don’t leave things until the last minute. Look at the organisation as you treating yourself extra well by ensuring everything is perfect and ready. Sure don’t you deserve the best and least stressful trip? DONT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT AND OTHER DOCUMENTS THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART 😂

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely journey if you’re going away on one!

-Bri xo