How I Feel About Coming Home

I feel so strange knowing that I’ll be home in a month. The past four months in Brazil have absolutely flown by. Granted there were times where I thought the day wouldn’t end. Things were happening at home and me missing out and being so far away…it was hard at times. I think thats something I often forget about while travelling. When I go somewhere new I feel as if its just me moving forward and changing and I forget that things at home are also changing. I don’t know why I has the thought that everything would stay the same at home even if I changed over the past few months. Just because its home and its comfortable doesn’t mean things can’t shift and turn. That became abundantly clear to me this summer. My little brother grew into an adult had his debs (well 3 in fact the little player) and went off to college, my grandaunt who was like a second grandmother to me died, my little cousins got bigger, I turned 21 away from my familiar family and friends, my best friends got boyfriends and tattoos and drunk without me, my house got painted, my cat became wild and doesn’t sleep inside anymore, even my car that (I call Pearl) which I thought would stay under a plastic cover got driven around by my grandad.

Nothing stood still while I was gone, life goes on, wherever you are. I’m glad this became clear to me because that way when I come home instead of feeling like I’ve landed in something dated a reminder of who I was and my outlook from when I left I can now go back and see that the main parts of life at home are still there. Yes they may have been painted, driven around and even changed behaviours, but thats because life has moved on and so have I.

I’m looking forward to coming home this change is good. I have gotten to know my moms side of the family something I never thought I would, and I feel like I understand her a lot more as a person now, not just as my mom. My Portuguese has improved immensely. I have only been drunk once all summer and majorly developed self restraint. My liver is for sure grateful. This is a big thing for me because before I left I had such an unhealthy lifestyle always going out surrounded by people who in the end just were not good for me. I have re focused on whats important to me in life. I am so excited to come home and just live the best life I possibly can for myself and work hard and achieve my goals! I have gone to some amazing places. I got to go horse riding again which I adore, spent time at the farm living simply picking oranges from a tree and digging up vegetables, tried new foods (good and bad haha). I got a tattoo. I had a double birthday party with my cousin. I spent time with my godparents in São Paulo. I went to Foz do Iguaçu and took in one of the worlds most beautiful views for a second time as I couldn’t remember it from when I was younger. I spent a lot of time on buses and have a new appreciation for Ryanair even at their worst they sure as hell beat a 22 hour bus ride to Argentina’s capital. But I got to go to Argentina and Buenos Aires completed stunned me, I didn’t think it would have been anywhere as amazing as it was. I got to argue with my Nonno (grandad) about how much I use my phone (he says I’m always on it, but we all know thats a lie haha). I got to drink wine and smoke a cigarette with my Nonna (grandmother) who is in her mid 80’s which is something I’ll always remember. Oh and of course I laughed a lot. Sometimes things over here were hard too looking after two sick grand parents worrying about their medical needs and such, not everything was always easy. I just never let it get to me too much, hence all the laughing. I do think you can find humour in most things which is what I did joking around with my grandparents. I saw the place where my parents first met. I saw some amazing art and interior design. I wasn’t deprived of sushi thank God! I got 3 wisdom teeth out without a general anaesthetic, so now I feel like I’m indestructible, even though I whinged about it like a baby for a week. I was basically adopted and treated as family by my moms friend and her family and I have never been so grateful or felt so lucky to have known such kind caring people. I also learned how to cook (haha no okay thats a lie I’ll never be able to cook). But overall all I can say is these past 4 months have been an experience to say the least. It’s funny how life changes, I had flights booked and everything to go somewhere else for the summer and this opportunity sprung on me I had no clue what I was signing up for. I am so glad I came here to Brazil and I still have a month to go! The best things in life really do happen unexpectedly.

-Bri xo

5 Essential Autumn Outfits

With Autumn having arrived in Ireland, I’m day dreaming of all the knitted jumpers, boots and pumpkin spice lattes that arrive with the change of season. Even if I am on the other side of the world…I have a fear of missing out on all the autumnal action! I love autumn in fact I think it could be my favourite time of year. The leaves change colour and everything looks pretty. Its not too hot outside but you’re not freezing either, you can hide under a big wooly jumper or wear a pretty dress with some boots and tights. The possibilities are endless! Anyways I have compiled a wish list of sorts, more like a list of things I would buy if I was at home and had the funds ‘list’. If you’re looking for some wardrobe inspiration for this season look no further than below. All of the outfits I have put together are from New Look and I have links for the New Look website under each picture for all the items you just have to click the underlined writing.

Outfit 1 is super preppy I feel and perfect for someone who likes to be comfortable but stylish:

These belted jeans

With this green striped jumper

And of course my favourite thing this year: chunky runners

Gold Quilted Embossed Disc Earrings

Topped off with some gold quilted hoop earrings

And a white backpack to carry around your bits

Outfit 2 is more of a day to night look you could totally wear it around town on a Saturday going for lunch and shopping but also to a bar for drinks:

This leopard print swing dress can be worn with a belt if you want to bring it in at your waist. You could also throw some tights under it and wear it with some black high heeled boots.

White Block Heel Ankle Boots

I personally would love to wear the dress with these white boots just for something a bit different.

I am such a big fan of these gold drop coin earrings and they’re cheaper than those you can get on PrettyLittleThing

If you feel like you want a belt I would go for this gucci inspired belt to provide some more contrast instead of like a gold chain belt, because that could easily get lost in the dress pattern and just make the whole outfit look off.

Outfit 3 is more casual again:

I love burgundy for the autumn and this jumper looks so cosy

Paired with these flared fray jeans and the leopard print boots too!

The boots in the picture with the jeans are also available from the New Look website but so are these boots with the leopard print heel also.

You could of course dress it up with some jewellery as you like or just keep it minimalistic and simple for casual wear.

Outfit 4

I love this mustard jumper and because it is quite a larger fit and slouchy I feel like I would get it in a size smaller just so I could tuck it into the skirt and also be more size flattering.

This button through denim midi skirt I would probably get in a size up from my regular just because I have a large bum and as the skirt isn’t elasticated its nicer to go a size up and have more wiggle room.

I just loved heeled boots okay I can’t help but love them. Especially these suede boots look at the colour and the gold hoop on the zip!

Another trend I’m seeing a lot of lately in accessories, especially jewellery is tortoise shell. Exhibit A these tortoise shell earrings.

Brown Faux Tortoiseshell Oval Ring

Also a few tortoise shell rings I feel would add nicely to the look. Ring 1.

Ring 2.

Outfit 5 is the going out outfit

Metallic Tuxedo party dress

Black Suedette Ghillie Lace Up Stiletto Heels


Tassel clutch bag

I feel like this is a really easy go-to, night out, outfit and you can wear whatever sparkly earrings you like with it but I would probably just wear these textured hoops!

Let me know if you liked any of the outfits! – Bri xo




A Curvy Girls Fashion Guide

Hey everyone, so I often get asked how I find clothes that suit me or how to shop for curvy girls so here we are with this blog post!

I am by no means an expert on fashion nor curvy girls fashion but I’m gonna tell you all  what I think anyways haha. 


When I was a size 6-8 I could literally wear whatever the hell I wanted and then I gained weight and got curvy. In the beginning it was horrible I felt shit about myself and it was a severe difficulty trying to find new styles that suited me. Finally after months of self loathing and deprecation, I decided I would no longer hate my body. And that’s when I made the ultimate discovery. CURVY GIRLS CAN ALSO WEAR WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT! 

I got used to my new body shape. When I was a 6-8 I would suck in, stick out my collar bones, and clench my stomach so it would be flat while wearing a bandage dress (true story). Now I know that I was being ridiculous. Today I just get the bandage dress that sinches me in at the waist to show off my curves and breathe normally like a human instead of a wannabe starving model!


I definitely think a curvy girl should know her body type and know what parts she wants to accentuate with the clothing she wears. There are a few tricks however for when you do know what you wanna show off! My favourite part about my body is my waist.


High waisted jeans are the only jeans I own, I detest low rise jeans on me.


If I wear a dress and it’s long or flowy I get a belt to bring it in on my waist to show some shape, rather than looking like a brick.


You might not be able to tell but I put a belt around the waist of the dress above because it was extremely long on me and loose.

High waisted skirts and shorts are also things that I love. You can pair all high waisted skirts, shorts and jeans with any type of top, especially a crop top. If you’re not comfortable wearing a crop top you can always put a plain t shirt underneath the top.


The secret to high waisted clothing is that you need to have it fit properly. If they are too tight around your tummy you’ll be uncomfortable and feel as if you have a muffin top. The clothing should be loose enough to move in but not too loose that you’ve got to keep pulling it up around you. 


This skirt has an elastic waist band and is the comfiest skirt I own! I got it in Zara last year.

With tops if you’re wearing a Tshirt and you feel the sleeves are awkward looking, get it altered or if it’s a casual Tshirt roll up the sleeves as it might be hitting you on the largest part of your arm unrolled, or even going past your elbow and may make your arms look bigger than they are. 


If you don’t like wearing tight tops or crop tops then buy looser tops but alter them to your measurements or when trying them on make sure they’re not too long on you or too wide. 


High front and Low back dresses and skirts can also be very flattering as they show off your legs and calves but cover the bootay so you’re not afraid to bend over to pick up anything.


If you’re wearing a long sleeved shift dress don’t be afraid to roll up the sleeves to 3/4 length or elbow length, if you have short arms this can make them look longer. I personally love a good fitting shift dress.


Also know what fabrics your wearing. A Velvet blazer can look fabulous on but a velvet dress might just cling to the wrong places and show off parts that you don’t want to show off.


Know what fabrics will work for you in clothing. I personally cannot wear the spandex type of bodycon material as I find it too thin and my underwear outline is visible from Mars 🤗

Anyways those are just a few of my tips! Hope they help out a little. Let me know if they do! The most important thing I think for people of any size wearing any outfit, is that if you’re confident and comfortable you will always look incredible.


-Bri xo

Brazil VS Ireland

Hello!! I have been in Brazil 2 months now! Half of my time here has passed by already. It has had ups and downs. I have missed out on a lot of things at home but I have also made so many new happy memories and had new experiences and adventures that I’ll never forget.


I have decided it would be interesting to compare parts of my life in Ireland to my life in Brazil and other things I have noticed just culturally and in daily living here.


So to begin we can start with mornings, in Ireland I usually just wake up whenever I need to and grab whatever I want for breakfast or go out with one of the girls or my mom for breakfast. In Brazil where I am no one seems to eat breakfast. I still eat my granola and drink my green tea anyways, even if I am the only one.

At mid day in Brazil people have lunch but its like a BIG lunch the size of dinners at home in Ireland. Everyone sits at the table together and eats together. At home I usually just fix up something when I feel like it and no one is ever really home so its just me having a sandwich watching netflix after noon.


The food here is completely different to home. Think black beans and rice almost every day and lots of meat and salads. Also a lot of things are fried. Fried balls of rice, bananas, aubergines, chips, beef, chicken. Where as at home we might have one meal for dinner like pasta, here they’ll have beans, rice, pasta, meat, potato salad, normal salad all for lunch. Then at dinner it could be the same types of food just in smaller quantities.

Alcoholic drinks in bars are wayyy stronger here in Brazil. I am convinced that the reason people say the Irish drink so much is because all of our alcoholic drinks are watered down and the measures are small. Thats probably why there are so many pubs in business. At home I could drink 5-7 drinks such as a vodka and coke. Here I drink two piña coladas and I’m ready to go home. A lot of people here tend to drink more beer as its cheaper and lighter and less alcohol concentrated so it takes a while to get drunk and you can drink a lot more.


It’s been winter since I got here and the temperatures have varied from the coldest being 6 degrees celsius to the warmest being 26 degrees celsius…IN WINTER. Summer here is supposed to be much hotter although I wouldn’t remember exactly. The last time I was in Brazil for a Brazilian summer, (which is our winter months in Ireland) I only remember that I ate a lot of ice cream and my flip flops melted while I was walking. I was 10. Irish winters are a steady cold period, not 6 degrees one week and 26 the next. Also my flip-flops would never melt while walking down the road in Ireland, I don’t think its possible for our little island to be that hot, even if we did have one of the warmest summers in years this year its just not the same.


People in Brazil are very direct and brutally honest which to be honest is present on both sides of my family- the Brazilian and Irish sides, so it wasn’t too much of a shock when I came here and everyone was telling it like it is. Brazilians are also very happy, welcoming people and are just amazed at the fact I’ve come all the way from Ireland a country they barely knew existed! The lifestyle here is way more simple, less materialistic and very down to earth which I absolutely love. Ireland has however more opportunities available for people with ambition, also education wise and there is a larger variation of cultures and communities. In Brazil it feels so nice to be embraced with open arms even by people you barely know, they will invite you into their homes for dinner or a chat and ask you to go places and on trips with them, and you know they genuinely only have your best interests at heart. In Ireland the only people who have treated me as such has been my very close family and friends. I haven’t felt isolated at all while being here as everyone has been so lovely and caring and inviting me to do stuff all the time! It’s been lovely being wanted.


Life here is very relaxed and laid back, it was a complete shock to my system coming here to be honest. Having to change my lifestyle completely, was so hard to adjust to especially because I did feel very dependent on my family at the start as I didn’t know the area or people well. Now I only have another two months here but I can’t wait until I can drive my car again on the other side of the road, order my local Chinese takeaway, see my friends and family and just be more independent. However, I have also learned some things that I will take home with me, that sometimes it’s good to slow things down for yourself and just appreciate life’s simplicity, that meal times with family are important (even though theres no way I could bare it every day, we would kill each other at home haha), and to just always be friendly and welcoming towards people. I definitely will be back to visit my family, I don’t know if I would ever permanently live in Brazil. I just know that for now I’m going back to Ireland and we shall see where I go from there!

All for now,

-Bri xo



Why I Hated School

Before you read this I hope you all know that although this was my experience it does not mean yours will be the same. I hope that my experience may show you that no matter what happens, you always have a choice. That there are possibilities and nothing in your life is or should be defined by a piece of paper or what other people say you should do.

I don’t think I ever liked school. I think it all stopped being fun when they got rid of arts and crafts and nap time. In primary school I was bullied. I hated maths and I got anxiety even at a young age when we would have tests on our maths tables. I used to tell my mom I felt sick and then she would take me out of school and bring me home where I felt safe. Eventually she found out about me being bullied and I moved schools. Then I moved schools again a couple of times between living in the United States and a few more times when I came back to Ireland. And then I even moved universities. I could bear primary school and most of secondary school. It was the last 2 years of secondary school I couldn’t bear, my 6th year and repeat 6th year.

6th year final year of secondary school, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I was putting so much pressure on myself to get good points in my leaving cert that I drove myself crazy. I put so much pressure on myself that I reached a point where I just broke down and didn’t even try any more I didn’t bother with studying or anything and then that would lead to more anxiety and depression a vicious cycle really. I had lost weight and was already slim it wasn’t healthy. But then I got my results I was going to college. Trinity College Dublin, to do Intellectual disability nursing, which was not my first choice, it was my fourth. But I went anyways thinking ah give it a shot. I went to trinity stayed in student accommodation and went to a few lectures and knew straight away it wasn’t right for me I decided to repeat my leaving cert.

Repeat year, weight gain, bullying and more depression and anxiety. I went from a size 6-8 to a size 14 due to everything that was going on. If it were not for a small group of girls who were my friends that year and some still are I don’t know where I’d be today. I stopped showing up to school I literally had to be dragged out of my house into the car a few times because I would just be in hysterics about not wanting to go. I hated being there I hated the pressure how all anyone talked about was subjects and classes and points and anything and everything as long as it was related somehow to the leaving cert. Seeing all my friends having the best first year in college of their lives felt like a punch in the gut to me. I got my first choice after my second leaving cert. I went to the University of Limerick and did general nursing and loved it, my Granny who used to be a nurse, was SO proud.

In university I started having health problems with my ovaries in second year although there had been some complications in the past, and ended up in hospital a few times due to pain and then being prescribed lots of medicine that didn’t help.It again took its toll on my mental health and I couldn’t cope enough to show up to college anymore. I began to hate my course. I had never liked the college lifestyle anyways it’s just not me. And decided no I can’t go anymore, I was miserable.

I left college in April I think but I’m not sure, as I stopped going properly before Christmas exams. I spent so long trying to do what was the done thing and the norm. I was telling my parents I was going to college but I was really hanging out with my bestfriend Shannon and having her calm me down from my anxiety attacks and she really helped me stay positive and do what was right for me. Only when it had pushed me to my limit I realised, no, I can’t do this this path is not for me. I don’t plan on returning to nursing for the foreseeable future as I have too many doubts about it and if I were to go back and then leave again, I would feel horrible. I need more time to discover if that is what I want to do with my life, but for now it isn’t.

I am now in a place in my life where I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m healthier after taking time to look after myself, my mental health is a hell of a lot better, I’m travelling, I’ve got rid of any toxic relationships I once had with people, I’m comfortable and not stressed and just living my best life. I’m more present and less angry, I now have proper conversations with people instead of only pretending to listen while stressing out in my head. I’ve grown much more as a person. Now I must say this is my experience my story. I’m not saying that if you repeat your leaving cert you’ll be miserable or if you don’t get your first choice you won’t be happy. That was just my experience. But my experience lead time to where I am today and made me a much better person so I’m grateful for it. You will have your own experiences.

So if you’re getting results and don’t get what you want don’t worry, it’ll either work out brilliantly for you or it wont and if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. What’s for you will not pass you and who knows not getting what you want could be a blessing in disguise. You may take a year out and discover another path. You might repeat your leaving cert and mature as a person and not hate it. You may not go to any college and start a business and succeed. You may do a course that leads you on to amazing things and opportunities. The possibilities are endless. One sheet of paper won’t determine your life forever and it’s not a measure of your potential. I once thought if I wasn’t in college I might as well be dead to my family. I thought they wouldn’t be supportive at all, ut they were when I came to them with the alternative. I made it clear that even though I wasn’t going to be in college I wasn’t going to sit around home all day doing nothing. I showed them my plan for what I want to actually do and then they understood more. I’m not in college and have a better relationship with my family now than I ever did they’re so understanding and can physically see that I’m happier and that’s all that parents want for their child. If you’re stuck in a course that you’re unhappy in, leave. I know it might seem terrifying but do it anyway. Don’t waste another minute of your life living it the way other people think you should. Follow your dreams not the crowd.

Let me know what you think.

-Bri xo


Argentina and Foz de Iguaçu

Hey everyone,

As many of you probably guessed, one of my next blog posts would be on my most recent trip to Argentina and Foz de Iguaçu. The journey began in Pato Branco at midnight my aunt and I got a bus to Foz de Iguaçu a town in Brazil famous for their waterfalls, that also border Argentina and Paraguay. We arrived early morning and dropped our bags off at our hotel conveniently named Hotel Foz de Iguaçu, it was great for our one night stay, and located in the city centre. We walked then to the public bus station the Terminal de Transporte Urbano and got a bus that cost about 14 brazillian real (brazils currency) for two people. It took 45 minutes on a super crowded bus to get the the entrance of the waterfall national park. Then we bought our entrance tickets to the park which was around 36 real each. As the park is huge you have to get a bus from the ticket offices to the area of the waterfalls. I don’t think I’ve ever travelled as much as I did on buses until this trip. Anyways we arrived at the waterfalls and it was stunning. Breathtaking, even.


We spent about two to three hours just walking around. My favourite parts were seeing the Coati which are like long nosed racoons that just roam around the place, and walking along a viewpoint area on top of the water that brings you near to the base of one of the waterfalls and at the top of another just before the water falls. The view point I’m pretty sure was called “Garganta del Diablo”.

After seeing the waterfalls or cataratas as they’re called in Brazil, we returned to the hotel area and wandered around the city. The next morning we got on another bus to Buenos Aires. This was the bus journey from hell. We spent 22 hours on a bus with a crying toddler, a disgusting bathroom and there were so many stops. Torture. Eventually we got there and I thought finding a taxi at a big bus station to bring us to our hotel would be easy. Oh how I was mistaken. It took us 45 minutes to get a taxi. Thankfully when we got to our hotel, even though we were early, our room was ready and waiting for us. We freshened up and it gave us a boost so we were ready to go out and explore. First thing on our agenda however, was food. We were starving. I found a place on Trip Advisor in proper tourist fashion and it didn’t seem like much on the outside, but it was delicious! It was called and just look at the food!


The whole reason I even got the idea to go to Buenos Aires in my head is because I was on Pinterest and saw a photo of a bookstore in an old theatre and I just decided then ‘I’m going there’. So that was on my list of things to see on the first day. The bookstore is called El Ataneo Grand Splendid and splendidly grand it was!


We also visited other tourist stops like the obelisk and the large B A letters made of hedges.

I loved seeing La Casa Rosada which is a government building in La Plaza de Mayo there. I personally felt like I was in front of a Barbie Dream House.

We also stopped in a lovely cafe called Cafe Tortoni for coffee and churros. The cafe is famous for having tango shows at night.

Day 2 was more jam packed with being a typical tourist and I loved every minute of it!

Our first location was El Caminito near La Boca area. It was by far one of the most colourful, if not the most colourful place I have ever been. All I can say about it is that it was really really cool.

After Caminito we went to see Floralis Generica which is a huge metal flower in a park. Again REALLY REALLY cool.

By the time we reached our last location for the day- The Japanese Gardens, we were starving. Thankfully there was Japanese food stalls and a restaurant there too so we were soon fed and happy. The gardens were beautiful, you feel so serene when you walk in its such a calming atmosphere.

Our third day was spent doing what I do best…shopping. We went to Galerias Pacifica which was beautiful but to be honest expensive. I’d definitely recommend going to see what its like inside there though! We then came across some smaller stores and stalls on the streets which were perfect for buying small things to bring home.


The day after we were on our long journey back home. I loved the trip itself I just wish we had gone there in an airplane as it would have been easier and a shorter travelling time. Overall I was so pleasantly surprised by Buenos Aires! It wasn’t at all how I pictured it to be. The city reminded me very much of London with obvious Argentinian influence over it haha. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about my travels.

-Bri xo

Things To Splash The Cash On!

Hello there!

I’ve compiled a list of items I believe are worth splashing the cash on. This is aimed at anyone that is willing to spend on a good investment, but you’re stuck finding just what you want to invest in! I personally don’t like spending loads of money on expensive clothing because I think that fashions change and it’s a shame to waste a ton of money on something you’ll only wear once. But I do think you have to spend some extra money sometimes on certain things to invest in good quality items rather than focus on the quantity of similar items you could purchase for a lesser quality. The plus side is that they’re all beneficial to you and you get good wear out of all of them.

Here are the chosen items:

A good purse: a good reliable purse is essential as you put all of your valuables in it such as your IDs, drivers license, bank cards, loyalty cards and of course money in it. There’s nothing more annoying to me than having to go to a high street shop once every three months because you’ve worn out your purse and need a new one! I suggest you invest in a good real leather purse and it will last you years. 2848A87F-945A-471B-9049-9338DA1DBA68

A good handbag: I mean the same as above applies here. Cheaply made and priced bags are not durable in the long run they wear and tear easily, choose quality over quantity. Trust me there is nothing worse than being at an Ed Sheeran concert and your Penney’s bag suddenly breaks and you’ve to hold your shoulder bag like a takeaway bag for the night…speaking from experience. FE87D6CD-1ABC-444F-893D-8E3F64C4F85C

Glasses if you wear them: Some of you may think that it’s easier to just buy cheap glasses incase you lose them frequently but if you invest in them you’re sure to take care of them. In addition to this it’s your eyesight you should give your eyes the best quality lenses to see properly as directed by opticians not by what you can see most through out of the stand of glasses in the pound store.

Sunglasses: again the same reason as above, look after your eyes! Cheap sunglasses don’t always have the UVA and UVB ray protection your eyes need from the sun. So invest in your eyesight and you can even splash out on a stylish pair!


Comfortable heels: I cannot stress this importance. Comfortable heels are a must. If youre going to an event and don’t know how long you’ll be on your feet, you wear your comfy heels. Gonna be an all night long kind of fiesta? Comfy heels. Don’t end up walking down the street barefoot at 3am with broken glass in your foot just because you chose to wear uncomfortable heels only because hey were cheap.


Signature perfume: every girl and guy too should have one perfume or cologne that they constantly wear and love! I think so anyway this is very much a me thing to splash my cash on it just makes me feel luxurious! My signature perfume is Coco Chanel by Chanel 😍✨❤️


Skincare: I sincerely believe that each person has to find what works for them in regards to their skin. But also be aware that in this day and age there are so many chemicals in skincare brands that are less expensive that cause a lot of damage to the skin. And your skin is so important to look after. So if it’s between a €7.50 cleanser with chemicals similar to that of paint stripper and a cleanser that is packed with vitamins, and is €30 I’d rather look after my skin and spend more and you should too because you deserve to be looked after! These are some of the skin care brands I would recommend you checking out and see what suits your skin type.

Image Skincare, Declaré Skincare, Mario Badescu Skincare, and Murad Skincare.

Hope this helps!

-Bri xo

One For The Lads

On my blog and Instagram I talk a lot about body positivity. Although most of my posts may seem female orientated I definitely want to share some more positive outlooks for men regarding their own body image and how they can become more body positive. I have a younger brother, a father and male friends who through the years I have gathered information from on the body image stereotypes that males are expected to achieve. The mysogynistic dated view of women is that women are expected to be beautiful dolls basically so men will find them attractive so they can marry them and gain a husband-worshipping live in cook and cleaner also a carrier for their sperm. But what’s worse for men is that many of them were expected to be macho, strong, non emotional, the provider, and handsome in order to be even seen as a man. Thankfully I don’t think this way at all. That’s the way our grandparents society were raised to think and unfortunately it is still a current way of thinking among some people but is very prominent in media culture. There’s so much pressure over who goes to the gym and how often and how much they can bench blah blah blah 🙄. Theres 14 year old boys trying to sneak into gyms trying to get the Rob Lipsett body. Young men flocking to the internet to buy supplements and steroids out of desperation to look a certain way, all to keep up with the image that they believe is what it takes to be manly.


I’d actually hate to be a ‘man’ sometimes because everything seems like it’s a pissing contest amongst the “lads”. Women we are lucky, we have gotten better and grown and support each other now instead of bringing each other down (well the majority of us have). So why don’t we show our men a bit of support?! They deserve to be supported too. 

I decided to interview my dear friend Reece Creed a Youtuber with over 2K subscribers and 6K followers on Instagram about his experience being a man growing up in this day and age and all about one of my favourite topics…you guessed it, body positivity 🙃 

Bri: When you were growing up did you have a set mental body image or certain body criteria that you thought you’d have to meet to be seen as “manly”? 

Reece: Yes. I always grew up watching all these guys on tv. They would be muscular and big. They would have six packs, massive arms and skinny legs. From as young as 10 I used to look at pictures of these guys that were popular at the time such as Zac Efron and Joe Jonas and think why couldn’t I be like them. I’d starve myself then binge eat and it was just so unhealthy. I’d cry for hours on end looking at myself in the mirror and being sickened by the image staring back at me.

Bri: What’s the worst thing that someone has ever said to you or made you feel about your body ?

Reece: About this time two years ago I went out with my friends to nightclub in Limerick which I won’t name. I felt so good at the start of the night. I got an amazing new outfit, did my hair up in a massive quiff and just felt amazing. The whole night people had been coming up to me for pics and telling me I looked amazing and I was honestly on cloud nine. Then all of a sudden I saw the guy staring at me with such an evil look in his eyes. He was with a girl I knew at the time and I went over to say hello to her and I of course I greeted him as well. He screamed in my face “I DON’T LIKE FAT PEOPLE” and I honestly broke. I was humiliated and felt as if I was about to burst into tears. I got angry and recorded him saying it and put it up on Snapchat. A security guard came over after I stormed off and asked “what’s going on here?” and he said “I just called that famous fella fat problem?” And the bouncer just laughed along. It was honestly one of the most traumatic moments of my life and caused me to feel so unconfident for ages. People can be so shitty.

Bri: When do you feel most comfortable and confident within yourself?

Reece: I know this sounds weird but when I’m in a bomb ass outfit. Fashion is one of my main passions in life and there’s nothing a fire outfit can’t fix. I also love how fashion outlets are making their size ranges bigger! It’s just a great time for fashion right now!

Bri: Is there anything that you believed you couldn’t do because of the pressure there is on males to look a certain way?

Reece: Going swimming used to be so fun for me. Through my teenage years it turned out to be the biggest trigger for my confidence. If I went to the beach with my friends I’d sit on the wall and watch them swim. Also changing rooms just triggered me too. I hated other people staring at me and my body and making comments. My teenage years were honestly the worst years of my life. Boys were so horrible to me all the time and they made me feel like my body was disgusting and ugly.

Bri: Have you ever felt uncomfortable about your own body while around other males?

Reece: All the time. In primary school we used to go swimming every Friday and looking at how skinny and fit everyone else was would make me feel so upset. No one saw me as the “good looking” guy. I was called “chubby”, “fat” and sometimes they would say “you have bigger boobs than the girls”. What people don’t realize is those comments stick with you. Every time you go to the beach, every time you try on clothes in a changing room, every time you look in the mirror your mind flashbacks to the way people made you feel……SHIT.

Bri: What/Who made you change your perspective on body positivity? 

Reece: Basically my teenage years were so fucking horrible so once I turned 20 I decided my twenties were gonna be the best era of my life. I joined the gym and have been going 2 to 4 times a week and it honestly makes me feel so good about myself! Also so many people on social media helped me to love myself. Cartia Mallan taught me to live my life spiritually and mediate every day! Remi Ashten also taught me how to live a healthier life not for everybody else but for me! Also you (Bri) inspired me to put up my first body posi post which gained so much support!

Bri: How are you gonna throw some body positivity into the universe?

Reece: I’m gonna just talk about my body experiences more. Through posting more body positivity related content the amount of messages I have gotten about the subject has been crazy. I want to inspire people to live their best lives and to put two middle fingers up to people who have put them down for years. FUCK THE HATERS.

I’m absolutely blown away by Reece’s honesty and vulnerability sharing his responses to my questions. As a friend I have never been prouder of him for opening up to me and sharing his experiences and even more so as a person who follows him and admires him for all of his hard work within the Irish social media community.


I definitely believe that men deserve the support that women get on the topic of body image and body positivity. If you enjoy going to the gym for reasons that are just to transform the way you look because you think you should look a certain way like someone else in order to be attractive or manly, I feel sorry for you. I hope you one day realise that you should be going to the gym to exercise the best version of yourself to push your strength to its limits, to reach a goal, to enjoy yourself, to destress, to take advantage of the ability your body has to do some good workouts. It’s time for the ‘lads’ to stop calling each other fat or scrawny in the changing rooms, to stop taking screenshots and pictures of someone who they call chubby or skinny and slandering them in group chats, to stop making fun of people wether they’re big or small and decide to take their top off at the beach. The pressure on male body image is immense and is not only damaging physically to men but also psychologically. In Ireland men account for 80% of suicides recorded in State (The Irish Times). If we alleviate some of the pressure on men that there is to be seen as macho, strong, non emotional, the provider, and handsome by first introducing a new body image of being the best version of who you are not who you think you should be, it just may save some lives. #BodyPositivity is this: embrace just being yourself, look after yourself and love yourself, that is enough, oh and don’t be a dick. 

Thank you to Reece Creed for collaborating with me for this blog post I’ll leave his social media handles here:

Instagram: @therealreececreed

Snapchat: reecejcreed

Youtube: TheRealReeceCreed

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– Bri

BriBBlogs UNVEILED. Is Blogging Dead?

Is blogging dead? Many people would say YES. Why? Because some people who rose to fame based on their Victoria’s Secret model looks and picture perfect lifestyle were lying to people. They lied about not being sponsored to do certain things, that they’ve never had work done, never edited a photo, never bought followers and did countless of other dishonest things. Sometimes even just plain fucking stupid and dangerous things like not wearing seatbelts and drink driving. Thankfully and rightfully they have been called out! Yes it is right to call people out on their lies and say “hey I saw this photo and it looks edited here if it is can you please say if it is so as to not make people think you’re a size 8 when you’re a 14” because it is misleading it’s dishonest and it’s sending out negative body image which affects people who follow you and believe you’re a genuine honest person. And if these people believe in you they’ll buy into whatever skinny tea detox crap you’re swearing by that’ll help your followers lose weight healthily and whatever so they can look just like you! BUT GUESS WHAT? YOU DON’T EVEN LOOK LIKE YOU because you’ve been facetuning away your insecurities. But now you’ve been exposed. For your true self. And then you call it bullying, slander etc. because you probably thought no one would notice, that they would believe in you anyways. People are no longer naive. The veil has been lifted.. and I hated it at first because some people take things too far and do become merciless and vile and hateful and continue to attack people online that they don’t even know. But I do not think that that @bloggersunveiled is responsible for what rude things people say. People are responsible for their own actions. And if you aren’t going to own up to your mistakes @bloggersunveiled will unveil them and if you’re still not big enough to own up and apologise for the things you’ve done well that says a hell of a lot more about you. So practicing what I preach I’ve decided to unveil myself! Have I Facetuned my body before yes I have but it was before I started blogging and that was completely due to my own insecurities. I have also now deleted all of those Facetuned photos. I would never FaceTune my body again because it’s misleading and goes completely against what I believe in now and how I live my life. I do think that it helped me realise I was only fooling myself and  pushed me more towards having to embrace myself and all the body positivity stuff that comes with that. Have I bought any followers ? Yeah I bought 1000 once and regret it cause I shouldn’t have let a number of followers decide how good my content is. Have I had work done? Hell yes I love my lip fillers ask me anything about them anytime! Own your mistakes. Can’t be unveileved if you unveil yourself 👏 I now no longer hate that @bloggersunveiled exists but I rather admire it and enjoy watching the truth unveil. It shows how corrupt some people can be denying their obvious mistakes. But do I think that certain bloggers mistakes should be the cause of death of blogging across Ireland? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I think we can all learn from this. Learn the rules, use #ad and #spon accordingly be fucking honest about yourself and your work cause if your not you’re only lying to yourself. Let this be the rebirth of blogging. Let the bloggers who are talking about real shit and ACTUALLY being honest and passionate about their work come through and shine. Let’s use this time to start new conversations, not about my top 10 wedding guest outfits from ASOS #af #spon (that they don’t even like but are just paid to post for) but about things that actually benefit people in the real world like where to find last minute wedding guest outfits that wont require a second mortgage (oh and I actually like these so if you like the clothes I wear it might give you some inspiration)🙃. Let’s talk about things of substance, honest reviews and opinions, not just things that pretty people are being paid to talk about just so you’ll buy the things so you can be pretty and cool like them. Blogging isn’t dead this is its new beginning. People will now recognise who’s real and who’s fake they’ll recognise what content they actually want to follow instead of content that seems worth following just because others buy into the bullshit. Just like Elvis and Michael Jackson, blogging ain’t dead.