Just Another Fat Girl In A Bikini

Hey! Okay so I saw this thing on the internet about body positivity and it made me MAD.

Here it is: 2404F881-A192-4003-B287-2F64B4B73B30.jpeg

LIKE MADE ME SO MAD. And here is why, here is my open response to whoever agrees with the above.

I understand this persons argument I really do and yes it can seem like that’s all there is to the whole body positivity concept; curvier girls with cellulite and stretch marks in bikinis or underwear (like I’ve done). That those girls who pose semi nude are looking for validation and the pandering of others to see them as beautiful despite their “flaws”. BUT I do not believe that to be the truth. Like I said I UNDERSTAND the persons argument, how they can think that. But I do not agree. I believe that girls posting pics of themselves in bikinis isn’t for the “pandering gaze” of others at all especially not for me personally. It has nothing to do with beauty culture. Beauty is not the rent you pay to exist in this world. Girls dress up and put on makeup not for anyone else but because they want to or don’t want to. I posted a picture of myself in a bikini not for a “pandering gaze” (this phrase makes me feel uncomfortable tbh) but to share with my fellow humans of Instagram that I am confident now. I am me. This is how I look. I’m not going to hide it just because the editor of Vogue would never let me on an Advertisement in her magazine, unless it were for weight loss, as the before picture. Im not going to pretend I don’t have stretch marks and curves and cellulite just cause some one might not like it or find me attractive.


I don’t exist for someone to find me attractive. I like myself. I don’t need you to like me. I worked hard to be this comfortable with myself while living in the social media era of ‘perfect people with perfect lives’. I feel comfortable in my own skin in a bikini. I’m not putting that out there for some small minded stranger to DM me ‘hey baby can I suck your 🍉🍉 ‘ or ‘hey big girl 😛’ (some people are truly disgusting). I’m putting the picture out there so other girls or guys who have a mental image of what they should look like can destroy it and just be who and how they are and be comfortable with that. That picture was posted not to trap people of my size and shape “in the same prison of beauty culture” or even to seek validation on my curvy figure from others. As I was once trapped in said “prison” idolising other people and going towards ridiculous measures in order to be like them and look like them. The message of liberation I hope to share by #BodyPositivity is this: embrace just being yourself, look after yourself and love yourself, that is enough. Fuck the beauty culture. While there is no need for men or women to be seen as beautiful. This person is assuming that if a “fat” girl posts a picture of herself in her underwear it’s clearly just for attention and to show that “fat women” are just as beautiful as skinny women blah blah blah we’re all trapped in some prison and they call it Body Positivity. Well if you are that assuming person then educate yourself and stop painting everyone who hashtags #bodypositivity with the same brush. PS never assume it makes an ASS out of U and ME. Next time you see a picture of just another fat girl in a bikini maybe realise that she doesn’t give a fuck if you think she’s sexy or not because she feels sexy in herself and wants only to show other people that they can too break down the walls of their “prison of beauty culture”. 


Later hater 😂😂😂👋

Bri xo



Getting The Most Out Of London

Hey again!

So the last trip I took was to London, granted it was only for a day. But I have been to London many times before and after getting asked by some people of what I recommend doing in London, I decided to do up a post for you all.

So I’m breaking this down into 3 days which is what most people spend in London on a short break.

Day 1:

I definitely  recommend just strolling around the first day and seeing stuff like Hyde park, Covent Garden, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square and the art museum there if you like art (it’s free), also you can walk by Big Ben, go see the Tower of London and Tower bridge. That would be the first day and you get to see loads also you’ll get familiar with all the tube routes by doing that. Get an Oyster card and top it up as it’s so much easier than buying tube tickets all the time it’s like an Irish leap card.

Day 2:

Then the second day you could go do tourist things like Madame Tussaud’s is really fun and so are the London dungeons I really enjoyed those and you’ll have a laugh with your pals! Defo also go out and see a play if you can 🙌 oh also Leicester Square is cool to walk around and there’s an M&M store there. For a night out go to Embargo Republica or Mahiki both are fab or you could easily find somewhere on google. All bar one is great for cocktails.


Day 3:

The third day you should go shopping on oxford street and just stroll around Chelsea cause it’s so lovely very posh ☺️but if you wanna go more grunge there’s Camden with cereal killer cafe.  You should book afternoon tea somewhere Bluebird in Chelsea is great but can be pricy, the Sanderson does an Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea. You can stop by Peggy Porchens Cakes for some treats and an amazing backdrop for your insta pics 😋.  The hummingbird cafe do unreal cupcakes. Laduree Covent Garden are great for macarons but you can get them in Dublin too so not really London exclusive.

Anyways I hope this helps if you are planning a trip to London and don’t know where to start!

Lots of love, Bri xo


Staycation Ireland Part 2

Lisdoonvarna, Co.Clare: OOOOOHHH LISDOOONVARNA! My best friend Ciara and I decided to go to the matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna county Clare and it was an experience for sure haha. Every year in September a festival takes place in the small town of Lisdoonvarna. The pubs are packed at weekends with live music and dancing. There is also musicians that preform in the town that you can buy tickets to and there is a nightclub there too. I have so many good memories from here my favourite has to be doing some traditional Irish dancing with a man who was easily in his 70’s in the middle of a pub. Great craic was had.

Father Teds House, Co.Clare: I actually drove here as a little detour stop off on the way to Lisdoonvarna but it was cool to see. For all my fellow Father Ted fans I’d highly recommend it if you’re around Clare, although it can be difficult to find. The people who own the house actually provide afternoon tea but by booking only if you’d like to go inside.


Cobh, Co.Cork: Cobh is the cutest little fishing town in Cork. Theres also a Titanic Memorial which of course I visited as I am OBSESSED with everything to do with The Titanic.

Fota Wildlife Park Co.Cork: Fancy a day out at the zoo? Go here. Prepare to do a fair bit of walking though as it is all outdoors and to see the animals you have to walk to each station…like you do in most zoo’s.

Killarney, Co.Kerry: All around a fab town. I went here for New Years Eve with a group of friends and the craic was had. Killarney is so lovely and everything you need is within walking distance of the town centre. I only have one picture that is my own and thats because I was mainly there for the sesh not the sights, apologies.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Dingle, Co.Kerry: Dingle will always have a special place in my heart. The first ‘adult’ trip away I ever went on fully funded by myself and planned by myself and my best friend was to Dingle. I could live off of the sea salt ice cream you can get at Murphy’s ice cream parlour. You can’t go on a trip to Dingle and not see Fungi the dolphin. On the dolphin boat tour not only do you see Fungi but the views from the boat are stunning and well worth the few euro to go out and see. We stayed in a hostel for the night which was also above a pub, so we didn’t travel far for pre-drinks. I vaguely remember someone telling me there is something like 38 pubs in Dingle. If anyone knows how many there are do tell me I’d love to know! I do remember visiting a lot of pubs haha. I would 100% go back to Dingle I absolutely loved it we met such nice people and had a great time.

Hope you enjoyed this 2 part series post! If you want to see more stuff like this let me know.

-Bri xo

Staycation Ireland

Hey there!

So summer is coming thank god. I’ve put together a list of stuff you can do over the summer time if you’re free and want to take a road trip or head off for a weekend. Ireland is such a beautiful country and although many of you reading this may live here, you may not have fully embraced the Irish culture yet. This is a two part post as there’s so much content and keep in mind I’m only posting about the stuff and places I did experience. Most of these locations are on the West coast of Ireland as they’re close to where I live.

Willie Clancy Week, Miltown Malbay Co.Clare: Last summer a group of friends and I decided to hit Miltown Malbay for a few days to experience some traditional irish music sessions in some Clare pubs. Needless to say it was great craic even though I hadn’t a clue what instruments were what or most of the songs either.


Fleadh Ceoil, Ennis Co.Clare: This year the fleadh will take place in Drogheda from the 12th-19th of August so if you missed Willie Clancy week and are looking for a good trad sesh or just a good mesh tbh head on up there. Top quality banter was had when we went in Ennis though it was a last minute decision and we hadn’t booked anywhere to stay so we ended up sleeping in the car that drove us down haha.


Ashford Castle, Co.Mayo: A bit more prim and proper to be fair in comparison to the previous two. You can get really good deals on rooms for the lodge at ashford castle on websites like Priceline. The lodge is gorgeous and its so close to the castle you don’t feel like you’re really missing out on the whole staying in a castle experience because you can just walk down and have a browse around. While we stayed we had dinner in the restaurant at the lodge which was PHENOMENAL and the mixologist was top class. We also walked around the beautiful gardens and went clay pigeon shooting which I must admit is probably the only sport I’ll ever be good at.

Kylemore Abbey, Connemara Co.Galway: I had seen pictures of the beautiful Kylemore Abbey online and had never been, so over summer with nothing to do I decided to grab a friend and go on a road trip. Little did I know that from where I lived it would take 3 hours to get there and ANOTHER 3 hours to get home. It was in the middle of nowhere but the route was definitely scenic and made the experience nice. The day we went it was sunny and warm so we walked around the victorian walled gardens but I don’t think i could have enjoyed it as much in rainy weather because most of the things we saw there were outdoors.

Spanish Point, Co.Clare: This is a beach close to my home town that I’ve been going to for years and it’s my favourite to be honest I love just going for drives here to clear my head. FUN FACT: Ed Sheehan has a song about Spanish Point called Spanish Point. The Armada hotel sits close to the beach and have a really nice menu if you want to make a day out of it and go for some food.


Cliffs of Moher, Co.Clare : The cliffs draw in millions of tourists from around the world each year and rightly so because #scenes. Spectacular views and even features in a Harry Potter movie.


Stay tuned for part 2!


European Travel List

Hello all!

Summer is quickly approaching and some of you may have already booked your flights while many other of you might not have. Some of you may not even have a clue where you would want to go. I’ve decided to put together a list of places that  can be travelled to within the European Union! Mainly because I live in Europe and flights are cheap with Ryanair to get around these parts 😂 I didn’t include the traditional places that most Irish people go to including Lanzarote, Tenerife, Algarve, Magaluf and Fuerteventura just because a lot of people tend to go there on family holidays and I wanted to concentrate on different places.

Here we go:

Croatia, places like Split and Hvar are stunning places to spend the summer especially if you’ve already been to Dubrovnik which can be expensive. All have beautiful beaches and you can easily try see all three locations. Split also has the Krka National Park which has the most beautiful waterfalls. PS. Parts of Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again were filmed at these locations.


Greece, there are so many islands to choose from and they’re also in clusters so you can go island hopping via ferries so you’re not confined to one place. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway theres Santorini and Mykonos which are super scenic. If your want a bit of nightlife and fun there is Ios, Crete, and Zante. Zante also has a famous shipwreck cove which I have actually visited and its stunning definitely an unforgettable trip. We took a day boat tour around the island of Zante and stopped off at the shipwreck cove and went on the coves beach it was incredible. If you want to discover other things there are plenty of islands to choose from to cater for what you want to experience.

Italy, EVERY WHERE OK. Italy is amazing I have Italian heritage So I may be a tad biased but I LOVE ITALY. There’s an endless amount of loud funny people, carbs, old buildings, wine and culture I just love it so much. I have a whole blog post on Italy you can check out on the trip I took last summer it was heaven. I haven’t visited Amalfi or Sorrento but they both have been highly recommended to me by people I know and trust, BESIDES if the place is good enough for the likes of George and Amal Clooney its good enough for me.

Click HERE to see all about my recommended spots in Italy.

France, if you wanna live the life of luxury go to Nice. I went there years ago for French College and it was an incredible experience. It is on the expensive side and I’m not the biggest fan of french cuisine to be honest ( I came home a lot thinner hahaha). But the place itself was lovely and great for nightlife and meeting new people. The beach in Nice is a stone beach not sandy so not great if you’re a sandy beach sun worshipper. Around Nice there are other towns and places you can visit though such as Cannes, Monaco, Antibes etc.


Spain, IBIZA BABY! Haven’t ever been there myself but damn it its on the list. Theres an old town with more historical things if thats what your in to. BUT then theres the massive world famous party island side of Ibiza that most people go there for. DJs and top world performers play in nightclubs there, celebrities such as Kris Jenner, Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio have all been there. Therefore I MUST go. As I am as basic as they come I also watched Made In Chelsea: Ibiza, when the ‘elite’ of Chelsea went to Ibiza for the summer to spend their trust fund money, partying and living their best lives, and it looked incredible. I’m completely sold, persuaded immediately. I want to go to Ibiza now just because they looked cool there now I want to go there. Do I have a trust fund to spend like them? no. Will I save my pennies and end up staying in a minging hostel in Ibiza next summer and go see Diplo and call it the best holiday of my life? Absolutely.




Hope you find this helpful if you haven’t organised your hollibops yet. It certainly gave me a sprinkle of wanderlust. If these options don’t suit you well…theres always interrailing!

-B xo

My Lip Trip

Hello there and welcome back to the blog!

As some of you may know I got my lips done around three weeks ago at Allure Medical Clinic in Limerick City. Getting any kind of cosmetic surgery can be a big ordeal to some people. I personally have never had any issues or strong opinions on it. I believe that everyone has the right to do whatever they please to their body, as it is their own. I have always felt that if anyone feels like they want to change anything about themselves why not? It’s a personal choice. I had never liked my top lip, when I smiled it disappeared into a thin line to show my full set of upper teeth and gums. I hated it having a gummy smile and I know many see this as vain, superficial etc., AND believe me I know I’m an amazing person and beauty comes from within and blah blah blah but I wanted it done so I got it plumped.

Here is a before photo of my lips without any filler:


I arrived at Allure around 15 minutes before my appointment because I knew there would be paperwork to fill out. I was greeted warmly by Dr.Kate and her assistants. After filling out your basic medical form information I went into the treatment room. Dr.Kate and I chatted about what I wanted to achieve with my lips. I told her I just wanted them to look fuller but keep my natural shape especially around my cupids bow. After discussing what look I was going for Dr.Kate explained the process in detail from what products she was using on me and how much of it and how it would feel. I felt so comfortable and at ease, especially because I was so nervous before I came in.

I had heard a lot of bad things in the media of clinics that had left people with severe bruising and lumps in their lips and it had worried me a bit to be honest. I was terrified I was going to look like a trout walking out with huge lips. Of course that didn’t happen!! I chose Allure Medical Clinic because the person doing my lips would be highly qualified and trained in how to administer the product correctly and safely. At the end of the day it is your face so you should be careful who you trust with it and do your research. Also Allure came highly recommended to me by a friend and I thought their lips looked great. Dr. Kate used 1ml of Restalyne on my lips concentrating on my upper lip as I had already spoken with her on what kind of look we were going to achieve.

The best way I can describe the feeling of getting lip fillers is that it hurts less than getting a filling at the dentists. Dr.Kate used an anesthetic to numb me up as I had told her I didn’t want to feel any pain. The anesthetic used was Lidocaine which is what dentists use for fillings.

After they were done they were swollen as expected but by the end of the day I felt completely normal again. I did have a slight bit of bruising on my upper lip which made me a bit self conscious as it looked like a moustache haha! Nothing a bit of makeup couldn’t fix thankfully.

This is them after the swelling had gone down:



Its been 2 months now since I’ve gotten them done and I’m still in love with them, they have definitely boosted my confidence. I’m delighted I took the plunge and got them done, some days I even look in the mirror and think hmmm maybe another top up couldn’t hurt haha. For now though I’m more than happy with how they look and definitely couldn’t recommend Allure Medical Clinic enough.

Here are some side by side before and afters:


Here are their details if you want to look them up or ask them any questions!

Instagram: allure_medical_clinic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alluremedicallimerick/

Website: http://www.alluremedical.ie

Snapchat: alluremedical

– Bri xo


Review: Mario Badescu Products

Hey everybody!

I recently got the much talked about Mario Badescu skin products! I was so excited to try them out as I had heard so much about them through many social media accounts.

Here’s what I got:

Enzyme Cleansing Gel


I love this because it is really gentle on the skin. I use it after taking off my makeup with just a Simple makeup wipe. It helps to remove any makeup your wipe may have missed. It also works into your pores more than a makeup wipe would, to remove dead skin and blocked pores. I do feel however that if you buy this thinking it will clear any acne or other problematic skin issues you will be disappointed. It smells lovely and subtly fruity which I love. It also is suitable for all skin types, so if you’re looking for a very basic cleanser this is the one!

Acne Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is more targeted towards acne, it contains Salicyclic Acid which is used by dermatologists to combat oily troubled skin.

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

I don’t know why but in my head I had myself convinced this was a spray toner. It is not. There are no toner like properties in this spray. In fact after inspecting the back of the bottle I found out that it is in fact used as a hydrating facial spray which can also be used to set your makeup. Not gonna lie I got some spray on my lips and then licked them and it tasted as nice as it smells.

Super Collagen Mask

After using this mask my skin instantly looked less dull and also felt hydrated. Collagen levels in the skin deplete as you get older and causes wrinkles to appear. So using collagen products or taking supplements can strengthen your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles too.

Chamomile Night Cream (Sample Size)

I only got a sample size of this product and I’m actually kind of bummed. I love it especially because Chamomile has anti inflammatory properties. So any spots that are red and sore can actually go down over night with this night cream. I definitely think when I’m ordering my next batch of stuff on Beauty Bay I’ll buy a big pot of this cream. I have tried lots of other night moisturisers and creams but I find them too thick or oily, this one I think is perfect for me as when I wake up I’m not looking at an oily face.


I would definitely recommend these products to other people as they are very affordable compared to other brands and they’re also cruelty free which is always a plus. I think that once I run out of these products I’ll definitely replace the Chamomile Night Cream, the Super Collagen Mask, and the Enzyme Cleansing Gel just because they really suit my skin and I really enjoy using them. I also want to try an astringent toner and acne drying lotion from this brand to target acne when I get the occasional breakout. You can also buy all of the skin care range on Beauty Bay here. HAPPY SPENDING!


Hope you enjoyed this post!

Bri xo







How I Stay Sane


Hello everybody!

2018 is in full swing and although the month of January was hell, we’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel- FEBRUARY. As mentioned in my previous blog post ‘My Experience With Mental Health’ which you can find here, I suffer from anxiety and unfortunately I do get down because of it from time to time. Throughout the horrible month which was January I had been running around and kept busy so I hadn’t the time to think but by the end of the month everything had caught up on me and I crumbled.  So needless to say I was in a bit of a funk. Over time I have developed ways of getting myself out of it and it literally just involved self care. Self care is so so important and people need to realise that its more than okay, (encouraged even!!) to take time out to look after yourself.

So after talking to some friends who had also felt like they were in a negative head space after January and even during I felt compelled to do up a blog post on well… how I stay (relatively) sane (most of the time). A lot of the population lead busy lives and rarely get a chance to stop and think about what they really need.

Here are a few ideas on how to practice some self care and these are all things which I did to help make myself feel better.

Here it goes:

Go for a walk. Sometimes it does you the world of good to get out of your room and just breathe some fresh air. Alternatively you can go to the gym and get some exercise there. Endorphins from working out are guaranteed to make you feel better its scientifically proven.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Plan something to look forward to. Book a flight, plan a trip, but have something to look forward towards in the next few weeks.

Take a bath. Pour a TONNE of bubble bath in there and just completely unwind. You can even light some candles, take a glass of wine with you, and watch some netflix if you like.  After you can even throw on a face mask or something just to feel pampered.


Order your favourite food and dessert. Eat it all and feel 0 guilt. Life is for living.

Read a book. Concentrating on something that completely helps you escape for a little while can be so comforting which is why reading a book is great. If you’re not someone that likes to read listen to a podcast or a TED talk on youtube they’re so interesting and there are so many videos to choose from. For me I like to read the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. ‘The Secret’ is a book on the law of attraction and I know many people think its all airy fairy hippie mumbo jumbo but it’s really not its just a guide for positive thinking and a better way of approaching things. Well thats what I see it as anyways and it has definitely changed my life since I read it first and have re read it many times since.

the secret book

Turn on some music really loud and have a 30 second dance party. You may feel silly but at least you’ll get to laugh at yourself.

Turn off your phone. I know this can seem like a hard thing to do because nowadays we are all glued to our phones and obsessed with what people are posting and saying online. What we have to remember is that free apps on our smartphones don’t project what real life looks like. The online world is obscure and opaque, as comments can be deleted photos can be edited and everything is not portrayed to reflect reality. In real life you can’t delete what you said or edit your boobs to look bigger instantly. Apps such as Instagram although we may love it for the aesthetically pleasing photos and the lives portrayed in photos that make us envious and strive for that lifestyle as a goal for ourselves, it is not an accurate depiction of that persons real life. Disconnect from the online world. Take in your surroundings, the people physically around you and speaking to you directly, take in their facial expressions and how you both may be feeling, be 100% in the moment.

no phones

Take a nap. You may be super tired and not even realise it because you’ve been running off of fumes. Either way a nap won’t hurt you. Get that beauty rest! The pic below is from the show The Bachelor if you don’t know what it is go google it right now. Best show EVER.

naps corinne

Make a mahooosive mug of whatever you like to drink. Sit down on the couch with it and just unwind leave all electronic things off and just write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Even if these things are small you’ll instantly feel better. For instance heres my things that I’m grateful for : 1. My cute little kitten in a ball asleep next to me 2. A warm home to come back to after a long day 3. My friends and family who are so supportive 4. My granny and her dirty jokes 5. That my car has petrol in it so I don’t need to fill it up anytime soon. As you can see they don’t need to be big long soul searching things but just everyday things that you’re grateful for. PS this mug pictured below is 10 euro from Love The Mug a super cute company run from Dublin and they make all of these mugs themselves and have really cute quotes and sayings on them. I’m obsessed I literally bought one for everyone in my family so they would stop taking mine! You can purchase some here.

mug pic

Go to the cinema or go shopping. Get out of the house, go treat yourself.

If you really need some positivity and just cannot get your head to think that way at all find a list of positive affirmations on Google or Pinterest and just say them over and over to yourself (in your head) until you believe them.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 23.25.51

Eliminate any pressure or negativity. If you are surrounded by people who are negative you will be affected by this. Either remove yourself from the company of chronically negative people or speak to them and ask them why they are being that way and see if there is something wrong that can be changed to make them more positive.  If you are putting pressure on yourself…STOP. Take a step back see the situation from a different point of view, realise how far you’ve already come, be nice to yourself and then re-evaluate.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 23.30.18

Call a friend or someone you love. Talk to them about how your feeling or not its up to you maybe just call them and talk about anything but how you feel if thats what you need.

Realise you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. You owe no one any explanations why you chose what you chose or did what you did as long as you feel at peace with your decisions and self. I know this gave me a lot of anxiety as I would always be thinking oh god what will people say or think or what if they ask me this and that and to be honest you owe no one an explanation. Mind ya own damn business thats what you tell them

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 23.27.45


Go to your happy place. This could be the beach, a family members house, a church, or a park. Go to the place (wherever it may be) where you feel most calm and at peace. If you don’t have a place make one up, visualise one.


Binge watch your favourite TV shows or movies. Self explanatory.

Organise something with your friends. Even if its going out for a drive and blaring the music and singing at the top of your lungs and ending up in another county. If you want to have a night in grab some snacks and drinks and just relax.



As you can see most of these things are simple enough but are 100% effective. I hope you take some time out in the coming week to do something for yourself, to look after and treat yourself, because you deserve it!

– Bri xo




Get To Know Bri

Hello everybody,

So I decided to put together a list of things that you probably don’t know about me. These are pretty random facts but hey it might give you a bit of insight to my personality. Let me know if you enjoy this post and want to read some more personal stuff!

I am super obsessed with castles and palaces. I blame my parents they called me princess when I was younger. BUT NOW I’M A QUEEN. If you read my blog post on How I Did Paris In A Day you’ll know that I even went to Paris for a day just to see the Palace of Versailles. Basically I want to live in a castle and maybe even find a really old run down one and renovate it especially because I am really into interior design and such..Who knows?


“Welcome to my crib”

I used to do roller derby. Yes you read that correctly. You may be thinking what the hell is roller derby? For those of you who have seen ‘Whip-it’ you know what roller derby is. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, my way of explaining it would be a group of girls roller-skating around a ring trying to push each other over while one girl on each team tries to pass the large group out. Wikipedia has a much better explanation I assure you so click the underlined text here: ‘What is roller derby’. Am I mortified to have admitted this? Yep.derby

I am a firm believer in manifestation. I believe that what you do, think, and feel you attract in life and that if you think, feel and behave positively you will just attract more positivity into your life. I read the secret and as cliche and ridiculous as it may sound to many of you it changed my life and I always find myself going back to it when I feel I need to reinforce what it teaches.the secret book

I have seen Wicked the musical 3 times. Self-explanatory really. If you have not seen it make time to see it. It is so fab. Wicked is a musical that I saw on Broadway for my 16th birthday in NYC, and twice in London’s West End. Wicked is about the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz but goes through her side of the story and how she came to be known as ‘the wicked witch’. Every time I have seen it I end up singing the songs from the musical for at least two weeks and may randomly burst out into songs from it to my friends.

I hate drinking water when it’s not in a bottle. I do drink water out of glasses I’m not that much of a fancy Nancy. I just don’t like to for some weird reason, I prefer bottles and also need straws if I’m going to drink from a glass.

I am a hopeless romantic. It pains me to admit this but despite me trying to come across as having a hard outer shell, I am the biggest marshmallow of a human. I don’t think theres anything better than old fashioned chivalry, romance and laughter. I’d love to have someone who went and did big romantic gestures for me or even just brought me flowers. But currently I lead a life that resembles that of Bridget Jones.

I bought my cat on DoneDeal.ie. I’ll do a story time video on Youtube for this cause I think its hilarious.But yes I bought my cat Grey online for 5 euro.IMG_0237

I hate surprises. I’m the worst person to surprise, I can’t react well to things at all and I feel so bad then incase people think I’m being rude or ungrateful. I just need time to process things or else I’ll look like an emotionless drone.

I dropped out of college, TWICE. I went to Trinity College Dublin for a month studying Intellectual disability nursing and dropped out. The course just was not for me at all and I realized it quite quickly. I don’t regret dropping out at all I don’t think anyone should ever stay in any position where they are not happy. I repeated my leaving cert then and it was the hardest year of my life. I got the course I wanted then in General Nursing and did that in The University of Limerick. I recently dropped out again maybe I’ll go back when I’m ready but I really disliked the college lifestyle.

I love having lots of shoes. The most shoes I have ever owned at any one time are 60 pairs. Nothing compared to the Kardashians of course but not bad for the girl next door. I used to have a section of my wardrobe that was dedicated to keeping them organized but in recent years I’ve calmed down a lot and have no idea how many I own now. I told myself that when I got my first job I’d save up and buy myself a pair of Manolo Blahniks like Carrie Bradshaws blue pair from Sex and the City the movie. Instead I bought myself a flight to London and went with two of my best friends and had the best time I’ll never forget it. I’ll always choose memories over material things but I swear I’m still getting those Manolos some day.


My old shoe collection in my old house


These are the dream Manolo’s.

There you go everyone those are a few things that I could think of off the top of my head that most people probably wouldn’t know about me! I hope you enjoyed it.

– Bri xo